SEN issue 1125 - 21 August 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1125

  1. Material for Publication in SEN
  2. SW Regionals
  3. Tangent Results

Material for Publication in SEN

Material for publication should be sent to either this e-mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It must not be sent to the older addresses at as we do not look at those very often. - if ever.

Note that this e-mail address was mis-typed in the last issue - thanks to Ernesto B for pointing that out!

SW Regionals Eloy: Early Warning

Here's your early warning so you can make travel or vacation plans now:

The 58th Annual Southwest Regionals will take place 19, 20, 21 Jan 2008 at
Eloy, Arizona, about half way between Phoenix and Tucson. Three contests on the
same large site:
~AMA, SAM, NFFS Free Flight - NEW - running all 3 days. Many, many events,
including ALL National Cup events
~FAI Free Flight - on the 19th & 20th - an America's Cup contest
~RC Old Timers - running all 3 days

Watch for more information here, in Model Aviation's Contest calendar, and
eventually on an SWR 2008 sign-up website. You can see the event listings and
maps on the last [2007] sign-up site, but remember that the dates are
incorrect for '08:
_www.aalmps. com/7info. mtm_ (http://www.aalmps. com/7info. mtm)

We hope to see you here!

A. A. [AL] Lidberg model plan service
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See the new small Trenton Terror at the website:
_www.aalmps. com_ (http://www.aalmps. com/)

2007 Tangent Classic
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The 2007 Tangent Classic is in the books.  A low pressure area off the northwest Washington coast influenced our normal August weather pattern, with bands of moisture causing sometimes overcast skies, cooler temperatures and southwest to west breezes which limited our field options.  We started the contest with perfect weather but knew the breeze would be coming.  The first two rounds had most models landing on the primary field, with the wind freshening for the third, the models drifted much further to the northeast.  We changed the max to two minutes for the remainder of the day as the drift became stronger and more easterly which is the shortest field option.  Once again, picking lift in Oregon is not that easy with drops in all classes in the two minute rounds and as you may recall, only Don Zink maxed out in the bigs at last years contest. 

We had flyoffs the next morning with five in F1A and three in F1 C.  Rich Rohrke was the lone F1 B to max out, thus taking the win, followed by Mike Davis and Alex Andriukov in third.  F1 A had a great flyoff, with little drift and nice dense air.  Rene Limberger took the win with Lee Hines in second and Peter Brocks coming in third.  In F1 C, Ed Carroll was "da man" with Mike Roberts second and Jeff Ellington getting third.  We had two F1 P flyers this year and our first junior.  Dave Parsons won P but very close behind and first junior was Chinmay Jaju who is an outstanding young flyer and lots of fun to watch his enthusiasm.

Mini day was a real fly-a-thon with both contests running simultaneously using one and a half hour rounds to put up a flight per contest, so ten flights if you were competing in both events.  Breeze was out of the south but with two minute maxes, most flights landed on the primary field.  We had two in the F1 H flyoff the next morning with Mike McKeever taking the win over Mike Thompson.  Lee Hines was third.  There were three in the F1 G flyoff with Peter Brocks significantly besting Tiffany O'Dell for second and Ed Carroll in third.  Tiffany has a beautiful new model with a very trick electronic timer that I think she said weighs 3gms.  Mike Roberts won F1 J after Chinmay dropped his last round.  Had he maxed, he would probably have won as Mike smacked his last J and would not have had a model for any flyoff.  Frank Pollard maxed out in F1 Q for first place.

We are very thankful to all the California and Arizona flyers that made the trek north to fly with us.  We hope you enjoyed Oregon and if so will drag some buddies next year.  Scores to follow:

F1 A
1st  Rene Limberger                1413
2nd  Lee Hines                     1355
3rd  Peter Brocks                  1344
4th  Mike McKeever                 1314
5th  Daniel Prothero               1291
6th  Mike Thompson                 1000
7th  Pierre Brun                    977
8th  Hector Diez                    975
9th  Norm Smith                     720
10th  Don Zink                      660
F1 B
1st  Rich Rohrke                    1020
2nd  Mike Davis                     1014
3rd  Alex Andriukov                 1012
4th  Derek McGuckin                  906
5th  Dick Wood                       717
F1 C
1st  Ed Carroll                     1412
2nd  Mike Roberts                   1338
3rd  Jeff Ellington                 1308
4th  Ron McBurnett                   983
F1 P
1st  Dave Parsons                    961
2nd  Chinmay Jaju (Jr)               949
F1 G
1st  Peter Brocks                     846
2nd  Tiffany O'Dell                   778
3rd  Ed Carroll                       723
4th  Mark Belfield                    589
5th  Ralph Cooney                     360
6th  Dick Wood                        240
6th  Rich Rohrke                      240
8th  Mike Davis                       201
F1 H
1st  Mike McKeever                841
2nd  Mike Thompson                760
3rd  Lee Hines                    593
4th  Norm Smith                   527
F1 J
1st  Mike Roberts                    600
2nd Chinmay Jaju                     521
Dave Parsons DNF
F1 Q
1st Frank Pollard                     600
Thanks again for all that flew with us.
Mike Roberts & Ron Mc Burnett    CD's

Roger Morrell