SEN issue 1132 - 11 September 2007

Table of Contents - SEN issue 1132

  1. 2008 Contest dates and 2008 FAI Calendar
  2. Looking for a Rx

2008 Contest Dates and the 2008 FAI FF Calendar,

CDs and Clubs,

Please send me your firm 2008 contest dates. I plan to put the firm , large,  FAI FF contest dates on the 2008 USA FAI FF Calendars that I'm currently putting together. I need the dates by Saturday, 9-15-2008.

The calendars are going to those that donated $100 or more to the 2007  FF Team. I plan to distribute most of these at the up coming Sierra Cup in Oct.

I'll have a few extra that will be sold at the Sierra Cup banquet for $20.

Thermals, JIM   <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

Another Rx Wanted
Fro:Gregory A Stewart [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

I'm looking for a receiver for model trackers too. I have one Walston transmitter, so a compatible unit is most desired.

I am also curious if one can use something like an ICOM IC-R10 scanner as a receiver for units like the Walston. I need to get one of these for other purposes anyway.

Please respond via email.


Greg Stewart

Editorial correction.. if you want to sell Greg a Rx, reply to him by e-mail, if you wish to discuss the subject so every one will benefit reply to SEN.

Notes that the Walston Rx and a similar one made by Vin Morgan for his trackers are very sensitive and also give a much more distinctive beep than a conventional Rx.  Recently we have found that there is a Kenwood Tri-Band Rx [and Tx on some of the ham bands] I think its model number is TH-F6. In one of the modes on some frequencies you can select CW, USB or LSB. These detect a break in the carrier and give a performance much closer to a Walston or Morgan Rx. However this device is not cheap being in the $300-$350 range. The Kenwood is very much smaller than a Waltson Rx and can be fitted with a Walston or Piserchio Yagi.  The Kenwood does have a different connector and The Magic Timer emporium has cables for that.  The Kenwood has a Lipo battery and they make a car charger which is a must for those flying internationally.

Speaking of cables I found that my Walston was behaving intermittently and eventually tracked it to the cable.  Replacing the cable made it go much better.

Roger Morrell