SEN issue 1139 - 5 October 2007

Table of Contents SEN 1139

  1. Hello F1C Flyers
  2. The Patterson Contest
  3. RDT and Instant Release

Hello F1C flyers
From: Dave Edmonson

Maybe someone can find something of interest here?
Contact Gabor directly.
Good Luck!
Dave Edmonson
I think the Euro is $1.42 US, ballpark, or flying field
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From: Zsengellér Gábor <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
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Subject: Re: Cyclon geared engines
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 17:19:53 +0000
Hello Dave,
I understund You - but I have a list, what I have now for sale, maybe interest someone:
I have Nelson geared engines with Doug Galbreath props (2x)
 2 new
 3 used, but very good shape!!
 price 500 Euro each
I have original geared Verbitsky engines
 2 new
 5 used - but set up for the best performance, this 5 with engine mount and cowl
 price 800 Euro each
I have 5 new geared Cyclone KAZ 15 engines
 price 600 Euro each
I have a trimmed 2.4 meters model with geared Cyclone KAZ 15 engine 1000 Euro
I have wings 2.4 covered red-white 350 Euro - uncovered 300 Euro
I have 2 Babenko's tail boom 60 Euro each

Yes, I change all of my engines now to Cyclone, I measured exactly, I have 15-20 more altitude than any other engines.
I used in this Year this engines, and I very satisfied with them.
On the World Champs I have made mistake in the fly-off.
Best regards

America Cup Contest
Lost Hills, CA  November 17&18-2007
F1A, B, C, G, H, J, P      J, S, O classes combined.
Perpetual Trophy and Keeper Trophy for  First Place in F1A,B,C
Keeper Trophy for First Place in F1G,H,J, and P. 
Perpetual Trophy and Medallion for  First Place in Nostalgia Wake
Medallions for  2nd, 3rd places
Junior High Time Award

Nostalgia Wake:  No rounds, Saturday 0730  to Sunday 1330. First three flights are 2 min, 3 min, 4 min, maxes then 4 min FO flights
Round  Mini  Events  F1G, H, J      
1.      0730 - 0815    Max 120 sec
2.      0815 - 0900    Max 120 sec           
3.      0900 - 0945    Max 120 sec         
4.      0945 - 1030    Max 120 sec          
5.     1030 - 1115    Max 120 sec  (note round overlap with F1A,B,C,P 1st round) 
Round Open Events F1 A,B,C,P
1.   100 -1230   Max 180 sec (note round overlap with 2nd round)
2.  1200 –1300  Max 180 sec
3.  1300 –1400  Max 180 sec
4.  1400 –1500  Max 180 sec
5.  1500 -1600   Max 300 sec  (Max times may be changed due to weather conditions.)
Flyoff:  Mini event flights to start at approximately 1615.  Actual start time and Max times will be posted at CD table.  Flyoff participants are to provide timer to Flyoff Organizer 10 minutes before start of flyoff.
 Round F1A,B,C,P
6.   0730 - 0830   Max: F1P 180 sec, F1A 210 sec, F1B 240sec, F1C 300 sec       
7.   0830 – 0930  Max 180 sec
8.   0930 – 1030  Max 180 sec
9.   1030 – 1130  Max 180 sec
10. 1130 – 1230  Max 180 sec
Flyoff: F1A,B,C,P flights to start at approximately 1330.  Start time and max times will be posted at CD table. Flyoff participants to provide timer to flyoff Organizer 10 minutes before flyoff.
Contest will be governed by current FAI and AMA regulations and as noted.  Valid AMA and Lost Hills Association cards required. Score Cards are to be returned to the CD table every round. This a fly one, time one contest
Fees: Open: $20.00 For first event - $15 second events.  
FAI Jr: $10.00 for first event - $5.00 second events.
Sponsored by the Southern California Aero Team
CD: Hector Diez  (661) 834-1063        CO: Jim Parker <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

RDT and instant release:
From: Allard Van Wallene [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

So what does the Sporting code say?

"F1A models may use radio control only for irreversible actions to restrict the flight (dethermalisation).

Any malfunction or unintended operation of these functions is entirely at the risk of the competitor."

Please note the word "only". This means that any other functionality is prohibited. Opening a hook is an irreversible action, but it does not restrict the flight.

Maybe if you float the model off in a downer, you could argue that you opened the hook to restrict the flight....

Following Aram's arguments, I could use my RDT system to trim straight tow, circle tow, OLA trajectory on an official flight?

Ian, any comments??



Roger Morrell