SEN issue 1150 - 5 Nov 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1150

  1. Mail.RU Users
  2. 2008 NZ World Cup Events Entry Form
  3. Shorter Endless October and 2008 Sierra Cup
  4. Bernie's Rubber
  5. GPS
  6. Curiosity Prompts a Query

MAIL.RU users

This popular Russian mail service had recently blocked SEN Traffic. We have contacted them and hopefully this is now opened up again

2008 NZ World Cup Events Entry Form


(2008 World Cup Events)

Sunday 30th March – Sunday 6th April 2008

Killermont Vegas Flying Site, Omarama, New Zealand


Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________________        e-mail: ___________________________

Country Representing: __________________________________________________

FAI Registration and or Licence number: eg NZL378/03am08___________________


    Kotuku Cup Events                                                          Omarama Cup Events

F1A Glider                                                  $40.00                          F1A Glider                                   $40.00

F1B Rubber                                               $40.00                         F1B Rubber                                 $40.00

F1C Power                                                 $40.00                          F1C Power                                $40.00   

Note : Only $40 per contest for F1A,Bor C or for multiple Class entry eg F1A and F1C

F1G                                                         $10.00                               Mini Combined (F1G,H,J,P.30) $10.00

F1H                                                         $10.00                                        (please circle model type)

F1J                                                          $10.00                       

P.30                                                         $10.00                       Kiwi Power                                 $5.00

Discus Launch Glider                               $5.00                       Discus Launch Glider        $5.00

Hand Launch Glider                                  $5.00                       Hand Launch Glider                    $5.00

Catapult Launch Glider                           $5.00                       Catapult Launch Glider               $5.00



TOTAL KOTUKU FEES         $                           TOTAL OMARAMA FEES $        

T.SHIRTS (combined W/C Event ) $                                   PRIZEGIVING BANQUET $                                                            

Sizes SM, M, L, XL, XXL                                                      ($35.00 each)                                                                                                                                                           

Price $27.00 each                                                                  

Quantity                                                                                 TOTAL AMOUNT                 $

Send payment in $ NZ with Completed form before February29th 2008 to : Robert Wallace

 956 Riverslea Road South, Hastings, New Zealand

Cheques or Money Order should be made out to : NZMAA Free Flight Technical Committee

Kotuku Cup Organiser/CD: Robert Wallace, 956 Riverslea Road, South, Hastings, New Zealand.

PH / FAX : 0064 6 8784993, e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (temporarily)

Omarama Cup Organiser/CD: Chris Murphy, Flat 5/ 126 Bishop Street, St Albans, Christchurch New Zealand. PH 0064 3 3743384 , FAX 0064 3 3743394, email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Late entries may attract a late fee of $ 10.00 NZ

Photocopies of entry form are OK. Overseas Visitors may arrange payment on arrival but must send completed entry form prior to February 29th 2008 confirming attendance.

AND there will be a new Trophy for the second Trans Pacific Team Challenge

Shorter Endless October 2008 Sierra Cup
From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For those that flew at the 2007 Sierra Cup, we had great weather and competition. The Banquet at the Wasco Elks club was up lifting as we honored Roger Simpson and the rest of the Sierra Eagles for the wonderful Sierra Cup tradition.  My special thanks to Mike McKeever for being the key transition force that has brought this great tradition and  World Cup contest to SCAT. 
Mike and I brainstormed some ideas for 2008 and put a proposal to the club to hold 2008 Sierra Cup mid-week, after Livotto's but before the Finals as indicated below. The club vote was overwhelming in favor. So 2008 will be a test. I imagine we'll go back to the normal weekend format on non-finals years. The finals dates are from the Team Selection Newletter and Program. 
So in less than two weeks, three major events can be flown,  in less than 7 days, 2 major events can be flown. Shorter Endless October 2008.
2008 Lost Hills:
Sat Oct 4. Livotto's
Sun Oct 5 Livotto's
Mon Oct 6
Tues Oct 7 Sierra Cup Open
Wed Oct 8 Sierra Cup  Minis
Thur Oct 9 Sierra Cup Reserve
Fri Oct 10 Finals processing
Sat Oct 11 Finals, F1A-C
Sun Oct 12 Finals, F1C-B
Mon Oct 13 Finals, F1B-A (Columbus Day)
Tues Oct 14 Finals reserve day

Jim Parker  SCAT president

and for those visitors with excess end of year vacation/holidays to burn or just plain retired, it's rumoured that the "Vegas" contest will be the following weekend. For those who have not flown on El Dorado dry lake it's a great site with a very large flat open space and certainly different from Lost Hills.

Bernie's Rubber
From:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi Bernie, Why only UK fliers on that Tan II? Did I miss somthing? I would like a shot at it. Ed Mate


From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Has anyone worked on converting a portable GPS into a model recovery unit? Just thought it would be very good in visualizing and finding where our models go. Just a thought. I don't know if this is possible. That way we could have voice turn by turn tracking?


Curiosity prompts a query...
From: Lee Hines

The most recent update of FAI World Cup results still do no show
Von Hafe nor Aviaprom listings.
Does ANYONE know the results out there in SEN readership land?
[maybe this might prompt the organizers to be a bit proactive and
send them to Ian Kaynes...hmmm?]
Just wondering,
I am,
Curious Leeper

Roger Morrell