SEN issue 1152 - 15 Nov 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1152

  1. Business News - Peck buys Sting
  2. Why you sometimes get a number of SENs
  3. Kiwi Power

Business news - Peck buys Sting

... From Peck Polymers..

In other news, some of you might not have heard that we have
purchased the Sting Aero Products business and will be adding it to
the Peck Polymers line. Just got the initial shipment from Len
yesterday. It sill probably be a month or so until we have the
gliders back in production and availble for purchase.

Tim Goldstein
A2Z Corp.
Peck Polymers division
1530 W Tufts Ave Unit B
Englewood CO 80110

P 720 833-9300
F 720 385-2118

www.Peck-Polymers. com/store


Makers of the world best flying peanut kits and rubber powered
airplane essentials.

Why you sometimes get more than one SEN

From time to time I resend SEN back numbers. The system I  use will not send them to an e-mail address that has already got them [or bounced them] but if there have been new subscribers they will get the back numbers.

Kiwi Power
From:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To Ed Mate-Kiwi Power is the NZ version of the British 'Mini diesel' Northern power duration class: [the Australians have adapted/adopted it too under the guise of 'Oz Power'] The key element is a 1.5cc plain bearing non-schneurle diesel.
   NZ rules:  (i) 1.5cc plain bearing diesel, commercial non C/F or G/F props only
                   (ii) no functions other than engine cutoff and DT permitted.
                   (iii) 10 sec engine run
                   (iv) 2 min max
                   (v) 5 official flights reducible to 3 at the CD's discretion if bad weather or full program
                   (vi) single unlimited flyoff to break any tie

We have been flying it about 10 years now and it is growing in popularity. A number of existing designs-George Fuller's 'Stomper', the 'Y-Bar', the 'Eliminator' are popular-and have the advantage of also being usable in Nostalgia. I've flown and won the Nats event with a suitably sized 'Pearl' and the Dave Clarkson 'Big Brit' design was a full sized plan in Aeromodeller a few years back. Roy Summersby won the class at the 2006 Omarama with what appeared to be a slightly enlarged F1J layout and a Cipolla 1.5 diesel. Most of us use PAW, Frogs or AMs-though I like the Elfin 1.49's (especially the Russian ABC replicas). Some use the MVVS 1.5-which runs well but seems a bit slow in starting.No reason though, why a dieselised TD 09 should not be competitive.......

Chris Murphy

Roger Morrell