SEN issue 1156 - 25 Nov 2007

Table of Contents - SEN 1156

  1. Thanks and OK in San Diego
  2. 2007 Patterson FAI Challenge
  3. Lone Star Balsa Burns

Thanks and OK in San Diego
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As a result of the recent fires in San Diego county, many of you called concerned about our well being.  Pat and I wish to thank all of you for your concern.  The fires destroyed over 1800 homes in the county, but never came closer than 2 miles from us.  Like the last fire, there were no firefighters in our area to protect our homes, they were all elsewhere. because of this lack, Pat and I did not evacuate as directed, and elected to stay and protect our  own property.  again,
many thanks ...
Allen and Pat Ulm

2007 Patterson F.A.I. Challenge.
From: Hector Diez

Here are the results for the Patterson challenge ,with the best wether we had in Lost Hills  in a very long time. Note that the 'Big' events were flown over 10 rounds.

1st Brian Van Nest                         796
2nd Rich Rohrke                            792
3rd Mike Davis                             788 
4th John Clapp                             781
5th Charlie Jones                          776
6th Richard Wood                           775
7th Peter Brocks                           593
8th Wes Funk                               592
9th Bob Timcheck                           574
10th Len Kendy                             546
11th  Kurt Van Nest                        526

1st Mike Thompson                         809
2nd Brian Van Nest                        800
3rd Lee Hines                             797
4th Jim Parker                            794
5th Mike Mc Keever                        789
6th Kyle Jones                            595
7th Jon Davis                             558
8th Fred Terzian                          378
9th Norm Smith                            120
10th Mike Szura                           D.N.F.
1st Guy Menanno                           236
2nd Ed Carroll                             37

Randy Secor                                   874

1st Mike Mc Keever                      3504
2nd Oliver Cai                Jr        3399
3rd Rene Limberger                      3332
4th Kyle Jones                 Jr       3330
5th Jim Parker                          2997
6th Andrew Barron                       1946
7th Lee Hines                           1936
8th Mike Thompson                       1909
9th Brian Van Nest                      1904
10th Peter Brocks                       1883
11th Logan Tetrick             Jr       1879
12thNorm Smith                          1871
13th Don Zink                           1862
14th Hector Diez                        1840
15th Jon Davis                          1811
16th Peter Allnut                       1769
17th Fred Terzian                       1570


1st John Clapp                         2280
2nd Michael Achterberg                 2176
3rd  Jack Emery                        2166   
4th  Walt Ghio                         2161
5th  Roger Morrell                     1917
6th  Charlie Jones                     1905
7th  Bob Piserchio                     1890 
7th  Alex Andriukov                    1890
9th  Marty Schroedter                  1864
10th Jerry Fitch                       1857
11th  Richard Wood                     1850
12th  Blake Jensen                     1836
13th  David Saks                       1811
14th  Eugene Jensen                    1760
15th  Allen Ulm                        1664 
16th  Mike Davis                       1280
17th  Rich Rohrke                       448
18th  Bob Tymchek                        04

1st  Walt Ghio                        2340
2nd  Guy Menanno                      2280
3rd  Jeff Ellington                   2026
4th  Ed Carroll                       1622
5th  Doug Joyce                       1388
6th  Ken Happersett                   1289
7th  Matt Gewain                       360
8th  Lynn Pulley                       180

Nostalgia Wakefield
1st  Richard  Gildersleeve               540
2nd  Wes Funk                            458

Lone Star Balsa Burns

Bad news.

It seems like Lone Star burned to the ground yesterday. Here is the URL for the tv news page.

http://www.wfaa. com/sharedconten t/dws/wfaa/ latestnews/ stories/wfaa0711 21_mo_lancasterf ire.27c737fb. html


Roger Morrell