SEN issue 1164 - 15 Dec 2007



Table of Contents



  1. 2007 Autumn Cup
  2. No more FruFru ?
  3. Meddle, Mettle or Even Heavy Metal ?
  4. AZ Free Flight Champs
  5. Desert Challenge










F1A (6)
Jim Troutman                          120..090..090..090..090..480
Andrew Barron                       102..062..090..090..084..446
Steve Spence                           062..090..090..090..090..422

Oliver Cai                                120..023..090..090..090..413

Mark Troutman                       020..000..000..000..000..020
Gerald Brown                         003..000..000..000..000..003
F1B (6)
Eddie Vanlandingham              120..090..090..090..090..480
Richard Wood                                    120..021..090..090..090..411
Mark Troutman                       039..076..090..060..090..355
Pete Reinhart                          120..090..009..019..000..238
Mark Hoffman                        102..073..000..000..000..193
Gerald Brown                         005..000..000..000..000..005
F1C (4)
Faust Parker                            120..090..090..090..090..480..361..841
Roger Simpson                        120..090..090..090..090..480..297..777
Henry Spence                          120..090..090..090..090..480..235..715
Mark Troutman                       085..045..090..000..000..220
Open Gas (8)
Reid Simpson                          120..090..090..090..090..480
Jim Parker                               102..090..090..090..090..462
Mike Fedor                             100..090..090..090..090..460
Bob Hanford                           073..090..090..090..090..433
Marvin Mace                           086..090..000..000..000..176
Tom Bell                                 120..023..022..000..000..165
Mark Troutman                       079..028..000..000..000..107
Gerald Brown                         048..000..000..000..000..048
P30 (4)
Mark Troutman                       090..066..090..246
Gerald Brown                         054..090..000..144
Mike Fedor                             090..000..000..090
Craig Hollier                           040..000..000..040
F1G (4)
Eddie Vanlandingham                        120..120..120..120..120..600
Richard Wood                                    070..120..120..120..091..524
Pete Reinhart                          062..120..097..000..000..279
Mark Troutman                       063..000..000..000..000..063
F1H (2)
Gerald Brown                         120..000..000..000..000..120
Mark Troutman                       029..000..000..000..000..029
F1J (9)
Steve Spence                           120..120..120..120..120..600..061..661
Faust Parker                            120..120..120..120..120..600..045..645
Jim Parker                               120..120..120..120..102..582
Igor Terenchek                        112..120..120..082..120..554
Sergie Lissochenko                 115..045..120..059..040..379
Henry Spence                          120..120..120..000..000..360
Gerald Brown                                     120..120..098..000..000..338
Bob Hanford                           120..090..096..000..000..306
Mike Fedor                             120..000..000..000..000..120
F1P (3)
Bob Hanford                           120..120..120..120..120..600
John Irwin                               078..000..000..000..000..078
Mike Fedor                             003..000..000..000..000..003
NFFS One Design (2)
Mark Troutman                       120..104..120..334
Bob Hanford                           117..106..000..223


No more Fru Fru ?
From Dave Edmonson



Hello Biggles, Ginger, and the Denver crew


It does not seem like SEN is having as much of a transmission problem, as a problem with content.

Looking forward to receiving some content again!

Frozen in Minneapolis


.. that's because I already dealt with your provider and managed to convinvce him that SEN is not SPAM, even if the FruFru content makes the frozen counter tick ..

Meddle, Mettle or Even Heavy Metal ?
From Larry Kruse

 If one wins in Denver does that make him/her a metalist?
AZ Free Flight Champs - Dec 8,9 2007

From: Elmer Nelson
Weather leading into this contest was very windy with rain which did not bode well for the contest.  Heavy rain fell during the very early hours of Saturday morning.  Despite this we got the first round started with only slight delay.  Early in the second round, the contest was suspended as rain began and the field became excessively muddy.  Around noon the sun began to break through and the field began to dry up rather quickly.  Flying started at that time and a normal seven round contest was completed by 5:00 PM.  The first round of the F1A event was flown just before sunset and the final round early Sunday morning.  The mini events went off without a hitch on Sunday with fly-offs in F1G and F1H completed.  No carry over fly-off flights were needed.  A new record was likely set in F1P when Bob Hanford of Oklahoma flew seven max flights with a 5 minute and 7 minute fly-off round recording a total of 33 minutes.
Jim Parker1801801801801801801803003151875
Andrew Barron1801801801801801801803003001860
Mike McKeever1801801801801801801803002901850
Rene Limberger180180180180180180180279 1539
Peter Brocks180180180180180180180256 1516
Brian VanNest180179180180180180180  1259
Jon Davis180180180180145164180  1209
John Clapp180049180     409
Dick Wood18004844     272
E. Vanlandingham142        142
E. Vanlandingham180168180180180180180  1248
Dick Wood180180180145180180171  1216
John Clapp180180180180134180180  1214
Blake Jensen180180180180135127180  1162
Elmer Nelson18001801801801800  900
Bob Hanford1801801801801801801803004201980
Peter Brocks120120120120120180240209 1229
Tiffany O'Dell120120120120120180240185 1205
Brian VanNest120120120120120180105  885
Dick Wood120120118120120    598
John Clapp120120120120117    597
E. Vanlandingham55100120120120    515
Elmer Nelson10312049120