SEN 948 - 22 May 2005

SCAT Electronic News 22 may 2005 issue 948 - Embalse

Table of contents
Embalse World Cup
World Champs Update
Hot Gummy
Zeeks - mate - Who else ?
Seguin - Parker

Embalse World Cup
1. Jobi Fox - Isr
2. Victor Stamov - UKR
3. Ardo parna - Estoinia

Top USA - Brian Van Nest - 6

68 contestants - 9 maX OUTS


1. Alexander Andrikov - USA
2. Stefan Stephanchuk - Ukraine
3. Broe Eimer - Swedem

58 Contestants - 10 max outs

1. Atem Babenbo - Ukraine
2. Kenny happersett - USA
3. Victor Semanyag - Ukraine

22 contestants 9 maxout

all events went to 10 minute fly off the next morning

World Champs Update

Opening ceremeony today. 34 nations here. Contestant count a
little down. Argentinians very hospitable. Local prices
very reasonable. Great weather, some cold mornings.

Hot Gummy

Hot topic was the protest against Alexander Andriukov for
warming his rubber moter before the fly off inside a
friend's jacket. Why Alex was singled out is another matter, because everyone did it
one way or another at the flyoff, where temp was about zero centigrade.

The jury ruling was that Alex was Ok because he did not warm
the motor by chemical, mechanical or electrial means. Natural
means such as body heat and sunlight were deemed Ok as they
cannot really be controlled. In addition the jury commented
that actions that happened before the model came on the line
were not subjected to the no external heat rule.

Re: Zeeks
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ZeeksHi Tony,
I have the O'Reilly plan and the Lee Campbell kit plan. They are
virtually identical. Lee says his is from a plan drawn by Harry Murphy.
However neither reference the Premium kit although it is probably the
source. If this is not sufficient I shall dig further. Maybe someone has
a Premium kit plan. Ed Mate

Thanks Tony for your confedence. I have to do a bit if research
before I answer your question. Please bear with me.

Regards, Ed
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From: Tony Shepherd
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Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2005 12:44 PM
Subject: Zeeks

Hi Ed,
Let me introduce myself, I am Tony Shepherd, a free-flighter from

Further to your recent messages about Zeeks in SCAT News, I'd be
interested in knowing a bit more about the Premium kit of the little
1/2A version. I built one from the Jim O'Reilly re-draw and have always
assumed that it was a faithful copy, but recently I discovered that your
NFFS rules for Nostalgia allow adding and repositioning spars - in UK
this is not allowed so I started to worry if I'd got it wrong. It's
strange because your rules let you make certain mods but make you keep
to engines from the same era, whilst our rules require us to stick to
the plan as drawn (although DT arrangements and wing warp are
acceptable) but let us use modern engines. My 1/2 A version goes up =
like a rocket with a PAW 55 diesel up front and has even given me a
couple of wins in vintage comps against significantly larger models.
The Jim O'Reilly plan that I built it from shows a main spar of 1/4" x
3/16" on the bottom of the wing, with a similar one on the tail plane - =
is this the same as on the Premium kit?

Do you have any copies of adverts in magazine which show the date =
of publication? The British definition of vintage is different to yours =
in the US for vintage or nostalgia. Our BMFA rule book states:

"A vintage model must be built in accordance with a design that =
was published prior to 1st Jan 1951, or was kitted by that date.
(January 1951 issues of magazines are accepted as published in 1950).
Competitors are responsible for proving the eligibility of their models
and must be prepared to produce photo-copies (or originals) of plans and
magazines which include or confirm the date of publication."

Everything that I've read has told me that it was kitted by
Premium Manufacturing in 1950, but I haven't got a copy of an advert.
Do you know where I can get a copy from - a photostat or a scanned-in
version that shows the advert and the date of the magazine would
suffice? We have some models that are legal even though the plan has =
only ever been published in a club magazine in the correct period, so =
even this makes them OK for our vintage comps.

Whilst on the subject, are there any more Zeeks in the family
which fit our classification of "vintage" as defined above? I know that =
the Air-O version is legal and I have a copy of the plan, but are there =
any others that have been published in some magazine pre-1951? I have a =
copy of a plan for a 45" span version, but it is dated some when in 1951
and it is outside of our acceptable period. This is very unfortunate as
it would be a very potent performer in our Mini-vintage class with a hot
049 diesel up front.

In UK, it is the kitting or publication date which is the critical
thing. If I remember correctly, NFFS Nostalgia rules accept proof that
a model was flown during the correct period, but this is unacceptable in
UK. This can be very frustrating - I've spent a lot of time of late =
trying to find proof that the Top Banana is acceptable (the plan is
dated 18 June 1950), but no one seems to be able to come up with an
advert. I've even tried to get some help from Jay Jackson, but he
doesn't reply to my e-mails.

Anyway, that's all for now. Any help would be gratefully
Cheers - Tony Shepherd

Spring Cup Seguin
Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

> Well another Spring Cup is in the books, almost. We really
thought we were due for some great weather after last years washout,
but-----. Saturday sustained winds at 18 mph gusts to 25 out of the NE,
temp 47 am 58 in the afternoon.Many aircraft broken on the ground due to
tumbling down the runway after DT. I beat the heck out of an F1C and an
AMA ship. No fun! We called it after 5 rounds Saturday as the wind
reached peak velocity and we had all had enough.
Sunday we had a steady breeze early. Too much and the wrong
direction for a flyoff. Winds were 15-20 during the day out of the east.
The absolute wrong direction at Seguin and cold. Many models off the
field. We flew 90 sec Maxes both days and if you got any air you were
off during the DT.
Flyoffs in F1C, F1A, and F1J will be held at the Dallas contest
in June where all involved will attend.

> F1A
> 1) Mike Fedor 450
> 1) Malcom Andrews 450
> 3) Steve Spence 378
> F1B
> 1) Eddie Vanlandingham 450
> F1C
> 1) Henery Spence 450
> 1) Roger Simpson 450
> 3) Faust Parker 435
> 4) Reid Simpson 180
> F1G
> 1) Eddie Vanlandingham 450
> 2) Bob Hanford Sr. 234
> F1J (9 Flew)
> 1) Faust Parker 450
> 1) Bob Hanford 450
> 1) Roger Simpson 450
> 1) Henry Spence 450
> 1) Steve Spence 450
> 6) Marvin Mace 437
> 7) Fred Carstens 294
> 8) John Irwin 172
> 9) Jackie Sheffer 140
> F1P
> 1) Reid Simpson 330
> 2) Mike Fedor 180
> F1H
> No Fools!!!!
> NFFS One Design (SDX/Zero/Fubar)
> 1) Faust Parker 540
> 2) Bob Hanford 336
> 3) Jackie Sheffer 264
> P30
> 1) Eddie Vanlandingham 360
> 2) Jim Thornton 231
> 3) Mike Fedor 218
> Open Gas
> 1) Doug Jones 450
> 2) Faust Parker 446
> 3) Jackie Sheffer 437
> 4) John Irwin 425
> 5) Jim Parker 304
> 6) Mike Fedor 87
> Reported by,
> Faust Parker, CD

Roger Morrell