SEN 892 - 12 Aug 2004

SCAT Electronic News 12 August 2004 issue 892

Table of Contents
Junior WChamps
Bauer Report
F1P/J Flash
F1B Flyoff results
F1B Round scores
British Airways(BA) - Coleman
Supermax out in UK, but... - Leaping Woodhouse
The Saga and thanks from Bob H - Hatschek

Junior WChamps
More news from France
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Here's an update. I'll try to be more quick this time. It is now Thurday
evening. The F1B flyoff this morning was won by a kid with the name
of Burdov, and second place was an Israli kid. I didn't see it so
that's about all I know.

Today was the worst weather of the week. Always windy with rain throughout the
day. We got a huge cloudburst directly over the contest headquarters about no
on. Thunder, rain, and buckets of water. All the activity areas turned to mud
and several cars got stuck. It seems that this weather is the remnants of
hurricane Alex which was on the east coast a week ago, but has now made
its way across the atlantic.

The power event went well for the US team. They got off consistent good
launches despite the high wind, which in the 5th round had gusts over 30mph.
I was trying to organize the downwind chasers which was a nightmare. We
were chasing 5 models per round, and they were moving downwind faster than
anything I have ever seen in free flight. About as many flights were off
the field as on it. Austin Gunders models provided the most challenging
chases because they were high and almost always over the trees into the
next town or two. One landed in the top of a tree in a forest a few km
beyond the field. It stayed there all day throughout the thunderstorms until
tonight when a very long pole provided by Henning Nyhegn finally got it
down with minor damage. After the 4 morning rounds we had 4 perfect
scores, with only Amanda Barr dropping some time. The 5th round was postponed
several times, but finally went off about 4pm in very high wind. Austin,
John Lorbecki, and Jon Shelp all maxed and it took an hour or two
to get all these planes back which could only be done with radio trackers.
Cody Secor got 179 seconds when his model hit a tree about 30 feet high.
Tragic, but our team score is still in first place by a wide margin. The
contest was called after the 5th round as the rain started coming down
again. The team managers and contest directors had a big meeting on how to
finish the contest. Without any really good options, they decided that
rounds 6 and 7 will start tomorrow morning at 7am. The US guys are the
only ones maxed out, so if there is a ny flyoff it will be just our guys.

We still haven't got our model box yet! 8 days now.

Later, Ken

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Most brutal day with high winds up to 32 mph. Every round way difficult to
say the least of chasing.

Only 5 rounds today and two tomorrow morning.
USA looks good
Only 3 maxed out all USA with Cody Secor dropping one second in 5th round
Results tomorrow.

Brian and Janna

FIB junior results
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A. Burdov RUS
S. Avrahm ISR
E. Gorban UKR
A. Jallet FRA
B Marquois FRA

F1B not flyoff

WAKEFIELD F1B vol1 vol2 vol3 vol4 vol5 vol6 vol7 Total
temps de vol max 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
maxi 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
PL # Name Country
1 208 MARQUOIS Benjamin FRA 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
1 209 JALLET Stéphen FRA 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
1 212 AVRAHM REJWAN Shauli ISR 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
1 221 BURDOV Alexei WCH 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
1 223 HORBAN Yevheiy UKR 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
1 224 MAKHNYTSKYY Mykhaylo UKR 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
1 226 GIRCYS Laurynas LTU 180 180 180 180 180 180 180 1260
8 225 APRODOV Artur UKR 180 180 177 180 180 180 180 1257
9 210 BILLAM Daniel GBR 180 180 180 180 180 166 178 1244
10 211 BEN NOON Ofer ISR 180 180 180 162 180 180 180 1242
11 206 SCHEIMAN Philip USA 180 180 160 180 180 180 180 1240
12 216 OSYDA Kacper POL 180 180 180 180 180 180 155 1235
13 219 TROKHIMIK Alexandr RUS 180 180 180 180 180 141 180 1221
14 202 SEREN Thomas GER 180 180 180 180 180 180 120 1200
15 217 NEMEC Zbysek CZE 125 180 180 175 180 180 180 1200
16 220 SMIRNOV Sergey RUS 180 141 180 180 180 180 156 1197
17 203 ANTONCHIK Aleksey BLR 180 169 180 176 180 180 130 1195
18 228 BLIUJUS Marius LTU 165 129 180 180 180 180 180 1194
19 218 PAVLOV Gennadiy RUS 180 180 174 109 180 180 180 1183
20 214 PAKOCA Adrian POL 180 180 180 179 180 120 140 1159
21 201 FUX Christian GER 180 180 180 165 180 125 135 1145
22 213 FISCHLER Oded ISR 180 180 180 137 180 132 143 1132
23 204 GUNDER Taylor USA 180 180 180 180 180 180 24 1104
24 200 BUCHWALD Sébastian GER 161 158 180 89 180 180 149 1097
25 215 BUDZON Rafal POL 180 180 104 180 91 180 180 1095
26 205 RADZIUNAS Sarah USA 180 180 180 9 180 180 154 1063
27 222 HRIBAR Luka SLO 180 162 180 148 180 180 0 1030
28 207 MARQUOIS Léa FRA 180 180 180 134 180 7 162 1023
29 227 SEINAUSKAS Renaldas LTU 180 180 180 160 106 107 30 943

By Teams


si le temps le permet.


Some people who get SEN by have recently complainted that thier
copy is no longer arriving. I have not taken any one off the mailing list.
The most likely reasons are that they have chnaged thier e-mail address
with telling us or that there e-mail provider has considered SEM to be SPAM
- un wanted commercial e-mail. This maybe because some of the
methods we using in preparing SEN is rather old and does not
conform to the latest standards. Unfortunately we do not have the
time to fix this at time so we will have to live
with this a while longer. If you think that your e-mail
provider considers SEN to be SPAM, typically you can go back to them and ask
them to make it regular e-mail.

British Airways(BA)
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I recently took Lee Hines to LAX to make a trip to Europe to fly,then
picked him up on return. He had no model box and when he did get the box
a week late he needed to repair it.
I heard a couple other BA horror stories about lost luggage at the same
time, about a week before the Junior team departed for the Jr. World
To bad this news was not made available soon enough to influence our
Juniors about their plans to travel BA. I believe we now need to let all
know that the experiences with BA over the last month leaves no other
alternative, but to flag BA as a POOR choice for trans Atlantic travel.

Supermax out in UK, but...
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OK, when is the FAI FF Tech Committee going to clear the decks with the
same ruling?

The FAI fliers of the world AWAIT!

['shouting' protest is for arams' sake, non-quietly, btw]

the leeper

Lee Hines

Re: Supermax out in UK, but...
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The FFTC of the UK are putting in a proposal.

Mike Woodhouse

Chairman FFTC

The Saga and thanks from Bob H
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Subject : No Subject

Ankle log as of Wednesday 8/11

This is probably going to be long and boring to many of you. But I want to
make it complete since some of you are completely unaware of the adventure.

I apologize for being so late with this report, but I had some business to
attend to in addition to seeing an orthopedist.

On Saturday July 31 Al Abriss and I departed for the Free Flight Nationals in
Muncie, Indiana. Arrival about lunchtime Sunday. Weather was beautiful for
several days, then we got some moderate breezes. My first event was F1G
(Coupe d'Hiver) on Thursday and I did the worst I have ever done in this event
at the Nats. I was looking forward to redeeming myself on Friday in the P-30

It didn't happen!

Riding the Honda moped on the grass between the flight line and the official
tents at about 9:15, I hit a shallow hole at not more than about 10 mph and
the Honda went over to the right. My right leg was twisted and the kill switch
was buried in my belly where I couldn't turn it off. I could, however, stretch
across the bike and turn off the ignition to kill the engine. Instantly there
were 6 or 8 good people helping to untangle me and the bike and in another
instant there was EMT Paul Boehm checking me out.

I especially want to commend and thank Boehm for his competence,
thoroughness, patience and advice. He applied a cold pack and later came by
to give me
another. He was precisely correct in his diagnosis (spiral fracture of the
fibula...possibly tibia, Dr. Chua's handwriting is typically medical), which was
confirmed by X-rays taken at the CHS Southway HealthCare Pharmacy (3715 S,
Madison St., Phone: 765.751.2324), where I was examined by Dr. Raymond Chua. They
splinted the leg with an 'Air Cast' and gave me a pair of crutches and a
prescription for an industrial strength pain killer. As I left the clinic Jack
Scheffer was next. He got hit on the leg by a hot 1/2A and needed stitches.

We departed Muncie on Saturday morning, with Al doing all the driving, of
course, and arrived home Sunday afternoon. The return trip was not exactly
uneventful, either. Somewhere on the field we apparently picked up a piece of music
wire -- it looks like a rubber model prop hanger -- that eventually destroyed
my right rear tire in Dayton. Getting off the road, getting a flatbed truck,
and buying a new tire took us a few hours and more than just a few bucks. Then,
as we neared home, it took longer than an hour to get to and across the
George Washington Bridge. When I'm able to drive the car again, I 'll have to get
my clutch checked; it really took a workout!

On Monday I saw an orthopedic specialist. He checked me out, put the Air Cast
back on, and wants to check my progress in 10 days.

I owe special thanks to the bunch of good samaritans who untangled me from
the spill (whose names I do not know); to EMT Paul Boehm; to Hank Nystrom, in
whose tent fly I spent most of the afternoon; to Dave Acton, who drove me to the
clinic and purchased my prescription; to Dr. Chua; to Al Abriss, who acted as
nursemaid to me and my car; and to the surprising number of people who have
inquired about my condition by phone and e-mail since I got home.

Thanks to all,
Bob Hatschek

Roger Morrell