SEN 894 - 15 Aug 2004

SCAT Electronic News 15 August 2004 issue 894

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MMM FAI Annual - Etherington
Hurricane Charley or Jim Bradley is Fine - Gutai
Suprise for otto curth
Junior World Champs
F1J/P Winner..... - Lorbiecki
USA all the way - Coussens
Jr FAI Power - Roberts
Word from Grandma - Kerr
Lost and Found - Boutillier

MMM FAI Annual
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CD's Chuck Etherington & Bill Lovins

Flyers from around the country congregated at our field to compete in the silver
anniversary of the "toughest FAI contest in America." Apart from some breezy
conditions on Friday (F1E day), the weather was absolutely beautiful and
thermals strong. In addition to the standard FAI events, we flew F1E (Magnet
Steered Glider), P-30, Small Open Rubber, Open Power and had a HLG/CLG shootout.
This contest carried America's Cup status.

The most notable performance was turned in by our own Pete McQuade in F1A. He
posted a perfect 14-round max-out to become only the third man in the 25 year
history of the contest to do so. He takes his place of honor with Jim Bradley
and George Batiuk.

Saturday night also saw an enjoyable banquet at Cafe Monet in Parker. The food
was outstanding and I would like to thank Sue Etherington for "discovering" the
restaurant and making the arrangements.

John Pratt was heard to say that he was dedicating his last flight to Bill
Gibbons. He accepted the F1B perpetual trophy in honor of Bill. The beauty of
it was that Bill made that trophy some 25 years earlier.

I would like to thank all who helped with the contest; especially co-CD Bill
Lovins for helping to run and prepare for the contest and Sue Etherington for
volunteering to be head scorekeeper.

1. Pete McQuade 3028 (Club Record)
2. Peter Brocks 2191
3. Jon Davis 2123
4. Patrick Cadieux 1987
5. Willard Smitz 973

1. John Pratt 2399
2. Elmer Nelson 2227
3. Ed Wiley 2011
4. Darold Jones 1972
5. Dick Wood 1915
6. Jim O'Reilly 140

Chuck Etherington 1892

1. Peter Brocks 433.26%
2. Jon Davis 294.54%

1. Peter Brocks 720
2. Jim O'Reilly 694
3. Don DeLoach 692
4. Al Mecham 689
5. Dick Wood 687
6. John Pratt 680
7. Dick Strang 394
8. Ed Wiley 173

1. Jon Davis 687
2. Pete McQuade 491
3. Willard Smitz 139

1. Don DeLoach 720
2. Tony Robertson 691

1. Don DeLoach 1550 (Club Record)
2. Jerry Murphy 332
3. Al Mecham 320
4. Elmer Nelson 199
5. Jim O'Reilly 74

Small O/T Rubber
1. Don DeLoach 523
2. Jim O'Reilly 503
3. Jerry Murphy 250

Open Power
1. Don DeLoach 530
2. Bill Lovins 446
3. Art Hillis 392

HLG/CLG Shootout
Elmer Nelson

Hurrican Charley or Jim Bradley is Fine
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Hi Roger,
Just got off the phone with Jim, and he asked me to inform you and the =
sen readers that he is alive and well in Florida.
His models survived the hurricane, but about 5 of his trees did not. =
The house and cars sustained some minor roof damage, and they are in the =
process of cleaning up. Their electricity is off and may stay that way =
for a few days, so he will be out of computer contact.
Bob Gutai

Suprise for otto curth
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OTTO H CURTH> is address. He is =
80 on Sept 2. spread the word.

Junior World Champs Commentary

F1J/P Winner.....
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Well, dad is proud as can be, with John winning the World Championship in F1J/P
at Moncontour. It was a rough week for all, as we all had some problems, both
with models and with weather.

The field is quite large, but is composed of cut hay fields, plowed fields with
rocks, and sunflowers. It made testing interesting, as the fine dirt would get
all over the engines and mechanisms when the models would land. We spent alotta
time cleaning off engines after they dt'ed, but was liveable. Initially
conditions were pretty nice, with light winds.

John started the week testing the older Odyessy. After getting it trimmed very
well, we had a glide post lock up and the model never dt'ed. After 8 minutes it
was a dot in the sky and my new friend Steve Spence and I took off in the car
with the Walston. After a two hour flight (and the model in a small dark cloud)
we finally deteremined that the plane had landed. Using the radio, we were
finally able to get the airplane back, 4 hours later! It had traveled
approximated 30 kilometers during its travels. What a chase. Next day John had
the timer fail and crashed it! This was the first of two timer failures for us.

Austin was also having a few minor problems, but looking good as normal. Jon
Schelp looked very good, but broke a wing testing. Amanda Barr was also
trimming, with some nice launches and models that seemed to be pretty good.
Cody Secor had his P models climbing nicely and looked very well prepared. Out
of all, I felt we were somewhat behind the power curve. Things just didn't
seem to be going our way. Not bad, but not world beaters.

As stated, the first day of power was very windy. Constant wind of 15-20 mph
with gusts approaching 28 mph. The day started wonderfully, with all the kids
maxing in the wind. Our thermal picking crew of George Batiuk and Bob
Pieserchio were fantastic. In the wind, they were the best. I think they hit
every flight and all that stopped a max was a system failure or bad launch. I
know that we would not have done it without them.

Next on the Thank You list is the rest of the team. Remember that we had 5
flights going off ever hour, and they worked together and had all the
airplanes back in time. Many went to the very edge of the field (or off) and
they came through every time. Thanks guys and girls!!!

Can't forget Red Max fuels for the help. They once again supplied fuel and it
ran great.

Going into the 4th round, John, Austin, Cody,and Jon were clean. After a break
after the 4th round because of wind, John, Austin, and Taylor Gunder tested a
newer Vasily model and had it performing very well. This proved to be the
turning point for us, as we had the older Vasily model (the same one John used
at the 2002 WC to place 2nd) crash because of a timer failure (second such
failure!) and needed the performance of this airplane later. John had a close
call as he had a flight that was blown out of the sky and landed at 3:02. The
5th round proved to be hairy, as the winds increased in intensity. I have not
flown in conditions like this in many years and have nothing but praise for
the kids flying in these conditions.

Cody had a flight of 179 seconds (remember that the kids were flying 3 minute
maxes) after his model ended up in a tree. Amanda had some other problems with
the wind, but performed well. Jon was clean as well as Austin after five flights
tieing them with John.

The next morning the 6th round was flown at 7 o'clock. Again, the US team
performed well, with the top three still maxed out. Amanda had a system
problem and DT'ed after a great looking power pattern. We all felt sorry for
her, as she has fought hard and has shown great improvement.

The 7th round was a repeat of the sixth and the US team had first, second,
third, and fourth place locked up. Brian Van Nest had a real problem, as he
had to help determine what the flyoff would be. It was determined that it
would be a 7 minute max and the kids would do all the thermal picking- No team
manager to help them at all.

Winds were somewhat light (10-14 mph) and the three lined up for the last
launch. Jon tried to fire up within 2 minutes of the orund starting but had
engine problems. He finally got it going but the launch was off a touch but
recovered nicely. John and Austin fired up and went up within 20 seconds of
each other. Jon missed whatever air was there and landed short at 284 seconds.
Austin and John continued their flight and after what seemed like a year,
Austin had 408 seconds and John completed the max at 420 seconds. I was busy
pacing and didn't realize that John had won until the German team picked up
John in a big bear hug!

So, once again I would like to thank all the team for their help and will live
with the memories of this competition forever!

John Lorbiecki

USA all the way
Ben Coussens

After anxiously getting up every morning to read any information that had
been posted about the Jr. Champs, I woke up and was esctatic to see the
results of F1J day. The USA sent the best F1J flyers out there and they
clearly showed that they were the best. I want to personally send out
congratulations to all of the power team. You guys dont know how proud we are.
You're all a bunch of freeflight heros.

Now to the two other USA teams.
To the F1A team who again overcame adverse conditions. Brian Bauer truly
fought through all the problems that he encountered with his model box and
flew very well considering he had to use models that were forxpiegn to him.
Brian will be back in two years and if he gets his model box next time, you
will see him atop the scoreboard. Micheal Avalone once again was the highest
placing American in F1A. Again Micheal represented the USA as the only nordic
veteran. I had a blast flying with him in Slovakia and I'm sure that everyone
had just as good of a time with him in France. Finally Tyler Secor. Tyler
started flying in November of 2002 and made the team just 8 months later. He
stepped up to the challange and got to experience his first Jr. World
Championchips. He will again be back next time. Overall the USA Nordic team
showed up and competed in conditions just like last time that we were not
used to (us spoiled Cali kids). I want to congratulate you 3 because you
already were champions just to get to France.

And Finally for the F1B Team
who flew in horrible conditions as well. Phil also had model box problems. It
is so difficult to fly other flyer's models that you are not accustomed to
flying. Even with practice it is still very awkward. Although Phil was a
rookie to the Champs, he represented us with pride flying very well in the
conditions. Sarah had perhaps the most misfortune with the two model failures
but continued to fly her heart out. Taylor Gunder who was the only veteran to
the F1B team flew incredibly all the way up to the last round. Although I do
not know what caused his last score I do know that he again made a very
impressive appearance and I urge him not to get down on himself because he
flew like a champion.

What people reading about Jr. Teams must know is that
we put an extrordinary amount of pressure on ourselves to fly well and
represent the USA with pride. So the kids that did not max out could feel
like they let the team down. The truth is that they are all victorious
just for making it to the champs. Like my dad said after I made the
2002 team "You've already won". So in conclusion I cannot express how proud
I am of the team that flew for us in France. And all of the flyers should know
that you guys represented the USA exactly the way it deserved.

Fly Max Win
Ben Coussens

Jr FAI Power
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Congratulations to the USA Junior Power team. I would try to write the "Tim
the Tool Man Taylor" sounds, but am unsure of the correct letters but you
all get the drift (if you watched old US TV). Looks to me like F1C will have
some great future competitors and I for one look forward to seeing these
fine young people on the flight line.
Congratulations and thanks to all those that represented the US and those that
support this outstanding group of flyers. Remember the Tangent Or contest next
Friday so hurry home.

Best Regards
Mike Roberts

Word from Grandma
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Thanks! My thanks to everyone who reported daily on events from France at
the Jr. World Champs as we anxiously waited for news each day - Brian, Ken,
Jenna. Thanks also to organizers and supporters of our fabulous young
flyers who gave it their all in France. We are so proud of all of them. My
heart went out to the flyers and their fammilies whose boxes were lost in
transit and their valiant attempts to retrieve them in time for the contest.
And finally, congratulations to the Champs, Lorbecki, Gunder, Schlep and
Secor - unbeatable!! Betty Kerr

Lost & Found
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Lost & Found
During the World Junior Championships a Radioshack
transmitter was found on the field.
Despite an advertising posted in the dining room tent
it was never claimed.
If it's yours, please contact me off-line.
Bernard Boutillier, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell