SEN 813- July 30 2003

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 SCAT Electronic News 30 July 2003 issue 813

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Stepan Stars - Slobat
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Stepan Stars
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Hi Roger. Another long day at the field. Today was F1B,
and the weather was superior by far to yesterday. Light
winds and low temps (in the 7ös and low 8ös), very
pleasant. Our guys did good and bad. Jensen and Piserchio
both made it to the 7 minute flyoff round, but both flew
in bad air and ended up 26th(Jensen) and 3öth(Piserchio).
Crowley had a tough day, missing 3 flights, and ending up
in 81st place. Team was 22nd. Top team were Ukraine,
Sweden and Hungary, in thart order. Winner was my good
friend Stepan Stephanchuk, with a 5:39 flight in the 9
minute round. "nd was Nakata from Japan, and 3rd was Feng
from China. Tomorrow is F1C. More later, got to go to bed
now! gb

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