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  1. More comments on the state of Free Flight
  2. The Electric fence - not on You Tube
  3. Oregon calling


More comments on the state of Free Flight









Now that the UK proposal was referred to further reviews, we should continue the discussion about the present state and the future of free flight. I believe that not just the modeling community but FAI must take steps to correct the problem with our sport. Yes, I said sport. At the moment we are recognized world wide as a bunch of hobbyist. If chess is given the sport status in many countries, why not modeling   which involves hand crafting and athletics. Growing up in the Eastern Block and living in the West for forty years, I can reasonably analyze the situation and  must agree with comments received from the "sub continent". In the socialism the youth development was very important.  Most of the modelers came out of those clubs in schools and factories. Now that the Eastern Block dissolved and they adopted the capitalist system, they face the same problems like the rest of the World. 
Where do I see that we as the modeling community must make changes?
1. I would like to see the Mr. Ian Kaynes to select a number of younger members, including juniors in to the free flight subcommittee. Not that I don't respect the present members opinion, but we need to create a bridge between the generations. The subcommittee members should not represent themselves but their nation's sportsmen. Regarding any change of rules, a questioner should be sent to all members of FAI who would distribute it to the interest groups for their opinion. The results would be returned to Mr. Kaynes and the subcommittee. This would allow the average modeler's view to be considered not just a selected individual's.
2. FAI - CIAM should assist all national federations with obtaining the sport status. That would provide government founding to the sport, which would support youth development and the National Teams.
3. The national federations should approach their education ministry, school boards and ask to introduce aero modeling to their polytechnic classes.
4. Some degree of limitations must be implemented in to the technical development of F1A, F1B and F1C. This is necessary to keep the costs of models down. Twenty years ago, free flight was popular and the least expensive with cost of a kit under $100.00. Today you can purchase an RC ready to fly glider model with radio starting at $250.00, compared to an F1A which priced between $800.00 - $5000.00. If limitations will not be introduced, the sport will end up being an elitist activity and as a sport, it will die. If there is a big demand for continuing technical advancement, (as suggested from the Czech Republic by Ivan Horejsi years ago and who had the foresight), a super category should be created. This will allow for new developments, without destroying the interest of mainstream modelers.
5. Full size plans should be published by individuals or the modeling industry (at a price) which will allow a junior or anybody to build and complete their models successfully. Since the elimination of the builder of the model rule, no plans are available.
6. Years ago as a member of the free flight subcommittee, I asked to review the escalating cost of World Championships. The entry fee of 250.00 Swiss Franks was changed to US $ 250.00 than to 270.00 Euros.
Just for the records, the exchange rate at that time was:
250 Swiss Francs   =   U.S.$198.35    -   Euro 161.54
My concern is that many modelers and federations can not afford the escalating costs. The World economy, the cost of travel and other expenses will limit the number of nations who can send their representatives to these competitions around the World
I would like to see the entry fee to be firm 250 Swiss Franks or the equal of that amount in any othercurrency.  In my opinion this amount is more than sufficient to cover the expenses for one day of competition, including time-keepers, trophies and other organizational costs.
7. The international promotion of our sport should be considered by FAI - CIAM. For the World Championships, all organizers (with the assistance of CIAM) should invite the newspapers and television stations to report the competition.
8. I also see great potentials for aero modeling in African and other countries, where the children are not spoiled by all the modern age gadgets and computer games.
I would like to encourage all modelers around the World to voice their opinion about free flight on this forum or with their national federation. Let’s not wait until the house is on fire, but prepare the protection and build the future.
Leslie Farkas

Electric fence

Ken Bauer
Oh the things we do to get our models back!
Saturday morning I was testing an F1A at my local park/soccer field but the drift was a little higher than normal.  Across the street from the park is an open field which has recently become a grazing area for some goats.  Problem is that the field is surrounded by a 3 foot high electric fence designed to keep the goats in.  My model quickly drifted over this field and I decided not to DT the model over the park trees and light posts or the street but decided the model would be nice and safe landing in the goat field.  Problem was I wasn’t thinking about myself.
So with the model sitting safely in the goat field the question was how to get it?  There was a couple signs warning of the electric fence, but since this was only 50 feet from where the little kids play soccer how bad could it be?  I briefly touched the nylon rope would looked to be non –conductive and didn’t feel anything.  Then tried again and felt only a slight tingle of electricity.  Seemed pretty harmless.  Since it was not high and very flexible I decided that I would just place one foot directly on top of the fence on the nylon area to compress it to the ground and jump over in one single stride.  Just as my body was over the fence there was a sudden ZAP!  Then another one, POW!  I was laying on the ground in pain and suffered two or three big jolts while trying to untangle my leg from the fence.  My whole body ached and I felt really stupid.  Good thing nobody was standing around with a video camera or I would have been the laughing stock of you-tube.  But I gathered myself and walked over and picked up the model.
Now the problem was how to get out with the model?  I wasn’t going to take the same path again, that was for sure!  There was a high chain link fence on another side of the field and I briefly tried that but climbing was very hard as the feet would not get a grip and it was very unstable.  But I managed to work the model over this fence so at least the model was safe.  I found the 12V car battery powering the fence and thought of disconnecting it, but this required reaching over the hot fence and I was worried about touching any part of the circuit.  I finally found a short length of rope lying on the field so I ended up using it to very carefully wrap it around a section of the electric fence and then tighten it up to compress the fence to something only a couple feet high.  I then jumped over without touching it and went back to a few more flights with the model.
So I’ll be a lot smarter the next time I come across an electric fence.  I’m so glad to fly free flight as I don’t imagine the RC guys could often have this much fun…..

Oregon is calling

Oregon is calling; the Spruce Goose, the worlds best Pinot Noirs, flying on grass (might be burnt) with Ducks.  August 20th for F1 ABC&P and August 21st for F1 GHJ&Q.  We will start at 8am on the 20th and 7:30 am on the 21 st.  The NW FAI Challenge will have their minis on August 21st and the bigs on August 22nd...check out Pierre's flyer.  Other than flying with the nice NW folks, the Willamette Valley is Oregon's premier wine region but there are also lots of spectacular micro Breweries available as well as the incredible Evergreen Flight Museum in McMinnville close by.  Our contests run in conjunction with the Willamette Valley Modelers Club NW Free Flight Champs offering a full schedule of AMA events, so there will be lots of flying going on.  Please join us for a fun weekend of Free Flight. 
Most non locals will stay somewhere in Albany Oregon which will have the general name motels online.  I usually stay at the Econo Lodge on the south east of the Albany Muni airport so I can criticize the real airplane approaches.  Their phone is 541 926 0170.  See you soon.


Mike & Ron

AUGUST 20th 2010 F1 ABC&P
AUGUST 21st 2010 F1 GHJQ


Wayne Drake Perpetual Trophy for high time F1 A




F1 GHJ&Q          SATURDAY AUG 21st  5 One Hour & 30 MINUTE


(additional round time to fly both mini contests)

Vintage FAI Power & Nos Wakefield will start at 8:30 Friday

with 1:15 minute rounds. Bob Stalick CD, cost is $10

Moto Flapping will not be allowed
ENTRY: $20 F1 ABC…$10 F1 GHJPQ Prizes-- GLASS
CO CD’S:  RON MCBURNETT 503-551-3173
                     E mail      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
              MIKE ROBERTS     206-937-2740
                     E mail      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All contestants are invited to a Saturday Spaghetti Feed at Grells Farm

Sponsored by the Willamette Modelers Club


Contestants must adhere to field/retrieval rules or face

Disqualification from the meet.


Roger Morrell