SEN 97-03 - 9 Jul 1997

SCAT Electronic news 9 July 1997

Latest news ..

From the Ukraine:

Valdi Andruikov wins Ukranian F1B Championship, beating Gorban in the
7 minute round. .. Maybe the Ukrainans have the wrong Andruikov on the
Team ? For sure Valdi is a bigger threat to Jerry Fitch, than he is to Tiger

From Vivchar

Two new models passed through my hands on the way to Al Brush and
Fred Pearce. These models were equipped with an instant start, rather than
delayed. Igor figured that is better for the mature modeller, .. and we have
a number of those here. Also Igor has gone back to Polyester covering and
rectangular tips. They look like real Vivchar airplanes again.

Don Zink

Don got his shipment from Vasily and now has to have a surplus of
Buntbones and Big Als. .. Don , I think the only TeamMember with more
models than you is Fred Pearce.

World Champs Team News

Optional Team practice planned for Lost Hills, last weekend of July.

Martyn Cowley reports ..
That his [Aerovironment/NASA] Pathfinder project got to over 71,000
feet over Hawaii on solar power

Roger Morrell