SEN 97-42 - 31 Dec 1997

News and Reports - 1997 Issue 42

SCAT Electronic News 31 December 1997

More News on Desert Challenge 3 and 4 Jan Taft

It looks like George the Barbeque Man has joind the CD and Pyroman
for the event. Read on ..

Roger, starting to make plans for the weekend, and have decided that I
will bring my big barbeque, which is huge. We use it at our company
barbeques, and it is plenty big enough for 20 people. It is about 24" x
36", with a crank up type grille. I will also bring plenty of oak wood
for it. Can you get the message out that i am bringing it? Looking
forward to seeing you there. George!

.. yes we will get some flying in too !

New F1J etc engine

James Zhou, whom many of you know as the proprietor of Whizzz and the
importer of CS engines, has announced plans to produce and market a new
.049 competition engine, taking into account the criticism and
suggestions from many CS users/tuners. He is particularly thankful to Mr
Galbraith for his fine article on preparing the little CS for FF
competition. The new engine will have a diecast case and be lighter,
more powerful and more consistant, will be manufactured by James I
understand and will have a different brand name.
James Zhou (pronounced "Joe") has a strong modeling background in all
areas of the hobby/sport, and is a great guy. See the Whizzz Website
with link to his Homepage at:

Look at the section "Competition Engines"

Attributed to Nate Sturman, US Modeller living in GunmaGG, Japan

Hayypy New year !!

Roger Morrell