Response #2 to SEN 97-35 - 8 Dec 1997

News and Reports - 1997

Response #2 to 97-35 of 8 December 1997

FLY MAX WIN Plagerism/F1-A

It is true I am not the originator of the "Fly Max Win" slogan and
may my Nordic DT early in the next 9 minute round that I fly in.
But being a full fledged member of the Fly Max Win team, by virtue of
two years of being "Rookie Ron" and maxing out for the first time in a
contest of 147 Nordic sportsmen, I am allowed certain liberties.

Tom my apologies for the unintended plagiarism and potential copyright
infringement. If you look closely you will note that I have changed
the background of the "Nordic cafe" ( a phrase I believe coined by
Mr. Pierre Brun)(Boy am I in trouble!)/F1-A page to say Max Win
See you all at the Winter Classic and 14 rounder.

ROCKET RON ( Term coined I think by Jim Parker?)