SEN 2943 - Answers on altimeters

SEN 2943

Answers on altimeters

From: Allard

The suffix  behind the user’s FAI ID number on each All-Tee is described in the manual (yes I know, it is hard to read as I also prefer to skip manuals).
For altimeter fly offs no signature is required as per sporting code.
For normal fly offs a signature is not required provided you show your memory-flushed altimeter(s) to the time keeper (a change in the sporting code is in the making to that extend).
And if you insist on the signature dance, you have two hands I presume, and both models can be lifted and put near the ground. Have a look at one of the videos taken at one of the Russian competitions in Nalchyk. You can see Makarov doing the dance with two models.


Editor’s comment: I would have expected nothing less from Sergy, a World Champ should be able to dance with two models ??