SEN 2503 - Paul and Ismail plus oversight plus Results?

Table of Contents – SEN 2503

Paul and Ismail plus oversight plus Results?

  1. Paul Lagan
  2. Ismail Sarioglu
  3. Whoops
  4. SW FAI at Boulder City, NV


Paul Lagan

It is with much sadness that we heard of the passing of Paul Lagan on 6 November 2018. Paul was a great all around aeromodeller from New Zealand. He represented New Zealand in numerous World Championships in many disciplines and received wide FAI and National recognition. Paul had been battling with cancer for many years.

Paul was a career Air Force officer serving in both the Royal New Zealand Airforce and the Royal Australian Airforce. Paul started in the electronics field but went on to serve in a number of different capacities. Paul was particularly proud of a major revision to the recruit training program he worked on that included a section on life skills, so important for a young person to succeed in today’s world.

In addition to his flying activities Paul was a keen cyclist. Post Air Force he acted as a guide and organizer for cycle tours in both New Zealand and Europe.

Besides flying, some years back Paul served in the organization of the NAC of New Zealand, now known as Model Flying New Zealand, providing critical guidance and management skills at a challenging time in that organization’s history.

Paul was a very determined competitor who understood very well everything that was required for success. I flew on a number of World Championships teams with Paul. It was great to have him as a fellow team member, he knew what was important, he was always well prepared and organized, he gave help and advice, and he always tried hard without complaining, a true Sportsman. His last World Championship event was flying F1B in Hungary last year, where in spite of on undergoing drastic cancer treatment, which he never mentioned, he made the fly off in very challenging conditions.

Our sympathies to his wife Pam and the rest of his whanau.


Ismail Sarioglu

Reported on FB, the passing of the well known Turkish F1B sportsman Ismail Sarioglu?. He was a strong competitor in World and Euro Champs as well as in many World Cup events. Ismail also took part in many online discussions about the future of Free Flight. He had friends from all over the world. We understand that he required some cardiac surgery that initially appeared to be successful but he did not recover from it.


From: USA Team Selection Committee

Team Selection Finals timekeeper oversight. Jim Leuken also timed the first day of the Finals. Thanks Jim.

SW FAI at Boulder City, NV

Guessed Results ?

F1A .
1. Brian VanNest
2. Peter Brocks
3. Jim Parker


1. Blake Jensen
2. Charlie Jones
3. William Booth.

1. Mike McKeever
2. Blake Jensen
3 Brian VanNest.

1. Tiffaney O’Dell
2. John Clapp
3. Peter Brocks

1. Clint Brooks
2. Lee Hines.