SEN 2501 - USA Team thanks, 2500 and Fab Feb overview Revised

SEN 2501 Table of Contents

USA Team thanks, 2500 and Fab Feb overview Revised

  1. SEN 2500 - 1
  2. Larry was first
  3. SEN 2500 – 2
  4. USA Team Selections Finals Thanks
  5. SEN Subscriber Information

SEN 2500

Firstly we thought we should have some thing special for a a SEN with a double zero number … maybe we did , it depends on your point of view.

We did however make a calendar mistake in talking about Fab Feb, this was pointed out to us a number of people. Larry or LJ as he is known in other circles was first.

Larry was first – Fab Feb Calendar correction

Here is a revision/correction of the calendar
As last year people are strongly encouraged to Sign up on Online. No payment is needed.
Online sign up is not available yet
Friday 8 Feb 2019 - Sign Up and pay for Entries for all FAI contests  at the Lost Hills Community Center and buy t-shirts an other memorabilia.
Saturday 9 Feb 2019 - Kiwi World Cup F1ABCPQ - Ike AMA events
Sunday 10 Feb 2019 Ike FAI Mini Events F1HGS and J(only if advance entries are received) -Ike AMA events - Lost Hills Family Flying
Monday 11 Feb 2019 Kiwi F1E World Cup
Tuesday 12 Feb Ladies Tea Party
Wedensday 13 2019 North American World Cup F1ABCPQ
Thursday 14 Cal Cup World Cup F1E, MaxMen on Field Entry, Fab Feb Mexican Dinner in Lost Hills at Gabby's
Friday 15 MaxMen F1A, and F1Q  World Cup 
Saturday 16 MaxMen F1B, F1C and F1P World Cup 
Sunday 17 Feb 2019 MaxMen Mini Events
Monday 18 Feb 2917 - MaxMen Reserve day and President's Day Public Holiday

SEN 2500- 2

From: Derek McGuckin

Roger, congrats on the publication of SEN *2500*!  It's a great resource and a big thanks for all your hard work over the years making it happen.


Derek, I am happy to do it.


USA Team Selections Finals Thanks

From Chuck Etherington

With the Team Selection Finals complete and the U.S. team chosen, the FFTSC, NFFS and AMA would like to publically thank those who helped to make the Finals successful:
John Lorbiecki – Contest Director/Administrator
Mike McKeever – Timer Administrator, Processing, fuel acquisition, Flight lines
Roger Morrell – Head Jurist
Bill Booth – Registration Packages, Time/table/line cards, processing tent, dozens of support materials required for this type of contest
Lindy Murrell – Scorekeeper
Mike Richardson – Collecting scores & rotating line cards
Glenn Schneider – Porta potties
Charlie Jones – Organizational & documentation
Blake Jensen – Team member hats
Bob Tymchek - Jurist

Additional Timekeeping done by

Bill Gannon
Mike Richardson
Glenn Schneider
Terry Kerger
Daryl Perkins
Paul Squires
Phil Mitchell
Ross Jahnke
Jim Kelly

Processing done by:
Ed Carroll
Mike Roberts
Alex Andriukov
Jim Parker 

Chuck Etherington
FFTSC Chairperson

SEN Subscriber Information

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