Ike Scramble Event



Model and Flying Rules for the Ike

 1. Definition: A scramble is a simultaneous contest between any number of contestants, the aim being for each contestant to keep his model airborne as much as possible during 30 minutes  but within time limits for each flight. 

2. Models: Any free flight model will be eligible provided it is powered by piston type motor(s). The total engine capacity shall not exceed 1 cc. Entrants may use portions of other models, such as wings, tails, propellers etc. should the model crash but the original fuselage and engine(s) must be used throughout the contest. 

3. Starting: Motors may not be started until the signal for commencement is given and must not be running during retrieval. Each competitor must start his own motor(s) BY HAND and regulate them himself throughout the contest. (Cox Spring type of starter permitted)  Each flight shall commence from the original take-off point, any infringement of this rule incurs automatic disqualification. Each entrant will be allowed up to two helpers only who may help to retrieve but not launch the model. No form of transport is permitted to retrieve the model. 

4. Start of the event: The models and support equipment shall be positioned on the start line.  That position is competitor’s designated starting position.  All flyers will line up the length of a cricket pitch (= 1 chain = 22 yards = 20.12 metres) from the models.  At the start signal given by the Grand Umpire they  will proceed rapidly (i.e. run) to the model, start the motor and launch the model.  The cricket pitch run not required on subsequent flights but the model must be launched from the designated starting position. This form of start is known by some, those who can remember Stirling Moss, Bruce McLaren and Jack Brabham  as a Le Mans start.

5. Timing: Timing is as for all free flight contests except that the model must remain airborne for a minimum of 15 seconds for an official flight to be recorded. The timing of each flight is limited to a maximum of two minutes. At the end of a thirty minute period, all timing will cease No time shall be recorded for flights that continue past the contest end. Should a model be launched within the 15 seconds before the end of the contest period, no flight shall be recorded. 

6. Classification: The entrant having the greatest official flight time total within the 30 minute period  shall be the winner.  
7. Any disputes, questions or safety issues  will be resolved or terminated  by the Grand Umpire

The Ike Scramble Event

The International Scramble event will be just after the end  of flying (that’s 3PM ) on Sunday 12 Feb . This is the time when organizers are totaling up the last events of the day for the 4PM prize giving.

There will be a preliminary training event on Friday 10 at 4PM .

Both of these will be in the space in front of  Ike Control 

Special prizes Donated by Tahn Stowe

In his words “With regard to prizes for the event I would be pleased to donate a motor as 1st prize and a  bottle of good Australian wine for 2nd & for 3rd.”

Tahn is also bringing some extra Flying Carpets for other to fly. Not sure what his plans are, with Tahn you never know.


How the Scramble Started

From Tahn Stowe

About the Scramble event that is being added to the Ike Winter Classic

What I had in mind was a version of the Australian Power Scramble ( Kiwi Aggregate) that would allow for greater participation than is currently "allowed" under the rules.

For those interested who don't know, the event is as Roger said, only vaguely  related to F1C, in that it is a Free Flight event in which you have to (hand) start your IC motor (max 1cc) and launch your model from a  marked starting position each flight,  an accurate timekeeper who records each flight is necessary. 

The rest is a little different. The max is 2 minutes (keeps the action close), there are no rounds and no flyoffs, RDT is not currently allowed, mid air collisions are common, you are allowed only one model (you can have spare wings and tail) the winner is the participant who logs the most time in the air ( 2 minute max and 15 second minimum) all stop watches are stopped at the end of the hour or half hour (we will do half an hour), and the time recorded regardless of what the altimeter reads.  You are usually allowed one helper / runner / fetchermite 

Given that motorized retrieval is allowed  (almost expected) in Lost Hills  and not wishing to cause any carnage, or cardiac arrests,  perhaps we could allow each competitor to have multiple runners/helpers.  This way we can get a lot more sportsmen and sportswomen involved relay style..

I am currently working on 4 Flying Carpets equipped with Mills .75's  any of which could be "customized" for a particular country / continent, Expressions of Interest welcomed.


Scrambled Vision

We asked Malcom Campbell for some Scramble pictures from his collection and put together this portfolio for us.


Hitting on the Scramble

From : Malcolm Cammbell

Scramble photos have proven to be a hit.  500 hits in fact.  That’s pretty good, so I hope a few of them bring sports models to Lost Hills, and the rest turn up to barrack!