Ike Winter Classic and Kiwi World Cup

The Isaacson winter classic

February 11- 13 at Lost Hills, California - 13, 2017 at Lost Hills, Cali


Join us for one of the premier West Coast Free Flight Contests! We are again hosting the Kiwi New Zealand FAI World Cup. All FAI classes are America's Cup. AMA and NFFS classes are National Cup. This is a Cat. II contest



Saturday FAI Events

Kiwi - New Zealand World Cup!

Note: 7 rounds!

F1A, B, C, P & Q

Round Schedule: Saturday 2/11

1 8:00am–9:00am

2 9:00am–10:00am

3 - 7 on the hour, to 3pm

Round One Maxes:

F1A, B, C&P 240 seconds

F1Q 180 seconds

Fly-Off Schedule:

Round eight, 5 minute max.

F1A 3:30pm–3:40pm

F1B 3:45pm–3:55pm

F1C/P/Q 4:00pm–4:10pm

Additional rounds to be announced


NEW! Jean Batten Awards

For highest placing lady flier in F1ABCPQ and F1GHJS

Grand Master Award

For best performances in F1ABC or Q by a sportsman over 75

Roger Morrell, FAI Event Director


Sunday FAI

F1G, H, J* & S

*F1J - contingent on pre-entries (4- min)

Round one, 8:00 am! Champagne Flyoff!

Time to the ground. Round Schedule:

Rounds 2-5, two minute max.

1 8:00am–8:45am

2 9:00am–9:45am

3 9:45am–10:30am

4 10:30am–11:15am

5 11:15am–12:00pm

Fly-Offs will begin at 12:15 noon and finish by 3:00.

 At 3:00, any remaining ties will be broken

 by using Champagne Flight Times


Monday! "Kiwi" World Cup - Slope Soaring F1E

10:00am – 3:00 pm. Five rounds, 60 minutes each.

Peter Brocks, Event Director


AMA Events Saturday Only! 8am-5pm

Paul MacCready Hand Launch Glider

E-36 - AMA rules.

E-36 Mass Launch TBA

E-20 NFFS Prov. Rules

Bud's Buddies Big "E" Unlimited+ Rubber, AMA Rules

Vintage FAI Gas Five rounds, NFFS rules


Gollywock One Design 3 - 3min max

Gollywock Mass Launch Sat. Evening TBA.

Everyone flies! A Bob White Event!

NOS Gas 1/4A, 1/2A & C. Separate events.

AMA Gas C, D, Sup. D Combined.

 Classes will be separated for NC pts.


AMA Events Sunday Only! 8am - 3pm

Paul MacCready Catapult Launch Glider

NOS Gas A, B & Early 1/2A

AMA Gas 1/2A, A & B Combined



Large and small NOS Rubber combined-NFFS Rules

Bob White Award for top NOS Wake

Classic Glider NFFS Rules

NOS Electric


Lee's BTV West, 12" CLG. See Lee

NEW! 2017 Special Event!

$1000 prize for the most maxes in these

 2 minute classes. P-30, all CLG, all

HLG, and E-36.

These events will compete against each

other for the single $1000 prize!

Thank you, Bill Vanderbeek!


FAI Registration Fri. 1pm Pre entry on SEN

Entry Fees:

"Kiwi" World Cup events $30

All others, $20.00 – includes one event.

Additional events $5.00 ($10 World Cup) each.

All must be current member AMA /MAAC

and Lost HillsAssoc.

World Cup events require an FAI License.



Awards: Sunday 4pm

Jr.-Sr. Open Class combined.

First through third, each event.

Perpetual Gollywock and Nos. Wake

awards, courtesy of BobWhite

Awards Ceremony and RAFFLE!

Winners MUST be present!


For Updates: watch SEN

or go to:


Monday, reserve day for FAI Events - 13, 2017 at Lost Hills, California ❅ ❄


In memory of our dear friends,

Bob and LaVera Isaacson







Contest Directors:

Norm Furutani

15423 Haas Ave.

Gardena, CA 90249

(310) 323-1943

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Roger Morrell

1916 B Gates Ave.

Redondo Beach, CA 90278

(310) 374-2136

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.