Scramble Information

The Scramble event is a fun event that take place as part of the Isaacson Winter Classic .  A prime instigator is Tahn Stowe from Australia who always turns up with models to loan and extra special prizes.  It is schedule not to complete with any other events and no prep is required. Typically a International sportsmen take part with locals.  All kinds of flyer. You need a team of 2 , including one who can run so F1A sportsmen are much prized.  There will be a number of models that you can borrow to take parts in the event.  After the event there may be some for sale.
Attached is a Tahn Stowe article that was published in FFQ some time back and gives a idea how the event works.. It could make valuable or at least interesting reading for any prospective entrants.  The event at the Ike is 30 minutes in length, not one hour as described in the article
Down load the article Scrambles Stowes v3 col.pdf