Fab Feb List on Entrants - so far 1100 PST on 10 Jan 2018

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Unofficial Entry for fab Feb as of 1100 PST on 10 Jan 2018  - total of 151 so far

Only entries in Kiwi/Ike shown

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Family Name  Given Name  KiwiF1A  F1B  F1C F1P   F1Q  F1H  F1G  F1J  F1S  F1E

Banos        Alfredo DanARG  Yes                      Yes
Burford      Kathy      AUS                           Yes
Campbell     Malcolm    AUS  Yes                      Yes
Fathers      Albert     AUS  Yes
Mitchell     Phil       AUS  Yes                      Yes
Pope         Gary       AUS            Yes
Rossiter     Paul       AUS       Yes                      Yes
Stowe        Tahn       AUS  Yes                                Yes
Summersby    Roy StephenAUS            Yes                      Yes
Pecenkovic   Enes       BIH  Yes
Pecenkovic   Jasminka   BIH  Yes
Ackerley     Cameron    CAN       Yes
Farkas       Leslie     CAN
Shvedenkov   Yury       CAN
Cao          Ziheng     CHN                           Yes
Deng         Hongyu     CHN            Yes
Dong         Qingming   CHN       Yes
Dong         Ziyi       CHN  Yes
Gao          Xuyun      CHN  Yes
Gao          Yuan       CHN            Yes
Ji           Wei        CHN                                Yes
Ji           Xiangxue   CHN                                Yes
Li           Qinghua    CHN       Yes
Liu          Jie        CHN  Yes
Liu          Shiyun     CHN       Yes
Lu           Yang       CHN       Yes
Sheng        Xinpu      CHN            Yes
Su           Haotian    CHN       Yes
Wang         Huaqiang   CHN  Yes
Wang         Na         CHN       Yes
Xie          Penghui    CHN       Yes
Yin          Zizhe      CHN            Yes
Lesko        Robert     CRO  Yes
Jensen       Steffen    DEN  Yes
Kongstad     Karsten    DEN  Yes
Nyhegn       Jes        DEN  Yes
Rasmussen    Peter      DEN  Yes
Schwartzbach Christian  DEN       Yes
Abad         Javier     ESP  Yes
Kulmakko     Kimmo      FIN  Yes
Niiranen     Meri       FIN
Valo         Jari       FIN
Aberlenc     Frederic   FRA  Yes
Bodin        Jean Luc   FRA       Yes
Challine     Jean-PierreFRA  Yes
Chevenard    Didier     FRA       Yes                      Yes
Echivard     Didier     FRA  Yes
Marquois     Bernard    FRA       Yes
Nouvian      Richard    FRA       Yes                      Yes
Ball         Philip     GBR       Yes
Chapman      Paul       GBR                                     Yes
Cooper       John       GBR  Yes
Faux         Kenneth    GBR            Yes                      Yes
Jack         Alan       GBR            Yes                      Yes
Kaynes       Ian        GBR                      Yes                      Yes
Lavis        Brian      GBR                           Yes
Madelin      Gary       GBR
Bajorat      Volker     GER  Yes
Batiuk       George     GER       Yes
Halbmeier    Dirk       GER  Yes
Limberger    Siegfried  GER  Yes
Moennighoff  Peter      GER       Yes
Paff         Dieter     GER       Yes
Reuß         Steffen    GER  Yes
Sauter       Dietrich   GER  Yes
Seifert      Michael    GER       Yes
Seifert      Philipp    GER
Seren        Johannes   GER  Yes
Seren        Paul       GER                      Yes                      Yes
Baruch       Abraham    ISR       Yes                      Yes
Fibish       Tuvia      ISR       Yes                      Yes
Issakov      Saar       ISR  Yes                      Yes
Reshef       Ziv        ISR  Yes                      Yes
Shichman     Ittai      ISR  Yes
Shitrit      Nir        ISR  Yes
Zak          Yehuda     ISR  Yes                      Yes
Kanegawa     Shigeru    JPN                                     Yes       Yes
Kawai        Ryo        JPN
Matsuo       Tetsuro    JPN       Yes
Nishizawa    Minoru     JPN
Larsen       Dag Edvard NOR       Yes
Nereng       Vegar      NOR       Yes
Koerbin      Antony     NZL  Yes
Morrell      Roger      NZL
Squires      Paul       NZL       Yes                      Yes
Kosonozhkin  Mikhail    RUS  Yes
Savukhina    Larisa     RUS            Yes
Koglot       Roland     SLO  Yes
Andrist      Alfred     SUI  Yes                                          Yes
Andrist      Christian  SUI  Yes                                          Yes
Andrist      Dominik    SUI  Yes                                          Yes
Bachmann     Christoph  SUI  Yes
Bachmann     Gottfried ASUI  Yes
Greub        Martin     SUI  Yes
Malila       Lauri      SUI  Yes
Broberg      Håkan      SWE       Yes
Eimar        Bror       SWE       Yes
Findahl      Per        SWE  Yes                      Yes
Persson      Anders     SWE  Yes
Babenko      Artem      UKR            Yes
Bezchasnyy   Vasyl      UKR  Yes                      Yes
BLAZHEVYCH   Iurii      UKR       Yes
Grushkovskiy Yuri       UKR  Yes
Kovalenko    Mykola     UKR       Yes
Kulakovsky   Oleg       UKR       Yes
Stefanchuk   Stepan     UKR       Yes
Andriukov    Alexander  USA       Yes
Ashworth     Hayden     USA                 Yes                 Yes  Yes
Bays         Kit        USA
Booth        William    USA       Yes  Yes                 Yes
Brocks       K Peter    USA  Yes                           Yes            Yes
Brun         Pierre     USA  Yes
Chesson      Don        USA            Yes
Clapp        John       USA       Yes                      Yes
Crowe        Bernard    USA                                          Yes
Crowley      Paul       USA       Yes
Davis        Mike       USA       Yes                      Yes
DeLoach      Don        USA                                Yes       Yes
Felix        Ronald     USA       Yes
Goldstein    Guy        USA  Yes
Hines        Lee R      USA                                          Yes
Hooke        Drake      USA                                          Yes
Ioerger      Thomas     USA                      Yes       Yes            Yes
Jack         Murphy     USA                      Yes                 Yes
Jones        Charles    USA       Yes                      Yes
Jones        Geralyn    USA                                Yes            Yes
Jones        Ryan       USA       Yes                      Yes
Limberger    Rene       USA  Yes
MacCleery    Richard    USA
Malkhasyan   Sevak      USA       Yes                                Yes
Malkhasyan   Taron      USA            Yes                           Yes
Mathis       Richard    USA            Yes
McBurnett    Ron        USA            Yes
McGuckin     Derek      USA       Yes                                Yes
McKeever     Mike       USA  Yes                      Yes
Norvall      Larry      USA       Yes
Parker       Faust      USA            Yes                      Yes
Parker       Julie      USA                      Yes                 Yes
Parsons      Carl "Dave"USA                                     Yes  Yes  Yes
Puhakka      Risto      USA  Yes
Raymond      Aimee      USA       Yes
Richardson   Mike       USA       Yes                      Yes            Yes
Roberts      Mike       USA            Yes                      Yes
Schlosberg   Aram       USA
Schneider    Glenn      USA
Schroedter   Marty      USA       Yes
Secor        Randy      USA                 Yes
Sifleet      Robert     USA                      Yes  Yes                 Yes
Terzian      Fred       USA                                     Yes  Yes  Yes
Ulm          Anthony AllUSA       Yes                      Yes
Van Nest     Brian      USA  Yes                      Yes