This is how you can see the results from the 2019 Free Flight World Championship for Class F1B - Rubber Powered 

The results will start appear in the tables below when the competition starts on Saturday 19 October 2019 at 8 AM Pacific time.

There are 2 different presentations of the results - By Country and Ranked. In the By Country table the results are listed in Country order. This makes it easy to find an individual person.  In the Ranked list thy are present in score order with the best at the top.  The ranked list will not be updated until the regular or flyoff round is complete and all scores handed in.

The links below will not be active until closer to the time the event starts.

The Notes link may have additional information of interest about the event as it unfolds.

F1B -Country

F1B Ranked

F1B Team

F1B Notes