Welcome to the 2019 World Free Flight Championships at Lost Hills

SCAT, the Southern California Aero Team, welcomes you to the 2019 World Free Flight Championships and associated World Cup Events  at Lost Hills, California in October 2019.

SCAT was founded in 1959 with a focus on FAI Free Flight competition as a way to raise the level of American FAI  Free Flight to world class levels. This was epitomized by the SCAT founding president, Bill Hartill, who insisted that the FAI competition be run following the rules.  Lost Hills is our home field that we share with other Free Flight clubs in the area.  We have helped in running 3 other World Championships, one at Taft and two at Lost Hills prior to this one.

Model airplane flyers from across the USA are organizing and staffing this event.

SCAT is a member club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. The AMA is the national body responsible for model aircraft flying in the USA; they are the official organizer of the 2019 World Free Flight championships.

The National Free Flight Society is the special interest group associated with the AMA that looks  after the interests of Free Flight. They are involved with this year’s event.

The  Lost Hills site is owned by the modelers and is managed  by the Lost Hills Free Flight Model Airfield Association.   They maintain a web site  http://www.lhffmaa.com/  with information about how to get to the site and a calendar of events. We have been flying at this site since 1989 .

To be able to keep flying at Lost Hills we must maintain a good relationship with our neighbors; that includes the oil fields,  the Holloway Gypsum company, Wonderful farms and Tule Fog Farms the owner of the orchard.  There are rules given to all participants on what to do to help us maintain this good relationship. In particular, road vehicles must never be driven into the orchards and the trees must never be climbed. There is special equipment available to get models out of the trees.

In addition to the World Championships there will be 3 World Cup Events for the FAI Free Flight Classes organized in October 2019.  Two are at Lost Hills and one is in Jean, Nevada near Las Vegas.

The following is the schedule for all events during this period.


Thursday, October 10, Kotuko Cup F1E –  Slope soaring from Holloway Hill

Friday, October 11, Sierra Cup F1E –  Slope soaring from Holloway Hill

Saturday, October 12, Sierra Cup F1A and F1Q –  World Cup events for gliders and electric power

Sunday, October 13, Sierra Cup F1B and F1C –  World Cup events for rubber and gas power

Monday, October 14, Kotuko and Sierra Cup Mini events for F1H, G, S, and J  –  Smaller models for glider, rubber, electric and gas power

Tuesday, Oct. 15 World Champs Registration and processing 10:00 – 16:30 Practice All day

Wednesday, Oct. 16 World Champs  Registration and processing 9:00 – 16:30 Practice All day

Wednesday, October 16, Ladies’ Tea Party to which all women are invited 

Thursday, Oct. 17 World Champs Practice and World Champs Opening Ceremony at the Lost Hills Community center.

Friday, Oct. 18 World Champs F1A Competition 8:00 - 18:30 – Glider

Saturday, Oct. 19 World Champs F1B Competition 8:00 - 18:30 – Rubber Power

Sunday, Oct. 20 World Champs F1C Competition 8:00 - 18:30 – Gas Power

Monday, Oct. 21 World Champs  Reserve Day if necessary 8:00 – 18:30 otherwise SCAT Oktoberfest from Noon

Tuesday, Oct. 22 World Champs Closing and Awards Ceremony 

Wednesday, October 23, World Cup Kotuko Cup F1A and F1Q  

Thursday, October 24, World Cup Kotuko Cup F1B and F1C  

Saturday, October 26, World Cup Las Vegas FAI World Cup – mini events – F1G, H, S

Sunday, October 27, World Cup Las Vegas FAI World Cup – F1A, B, C, Q


SCAT’s emphasis is on the FAI (international) Free Flight classes.  There are many different categories of Free Flight flown the USA to suit every inclination, budget, location, available time, etc.  The NFFS and Lost Hills web sites have information about these activities.  There will be an event for other classes of American Free Flight at Lost Hills 8-10 October.  Information on this event  is at the link  http://www.lhffmaa.com/EVENTS%202019%20FLYERS/2019%20US%20FF%20schedule%20half%20page%204-4-19.pdf

The AMA web site is: www.modelaircraft.org.

The special AMA website for this event is: www.modelaircraft.org/events/fai-2019-f1abc. . This website has detailed information for those intending to participate in the event.

The NFFS web site is: https://freeflight.org/.

The NFFS calendar is: https://freeflight.org/competition/master-calendar/

The  Lost Hills model flying web site is:  http://www.lhffmaa.com/

There is a special web page here: (to be supplied) that is aimed at providing a non-technical overview of the World Championship and associated World Cup events so the layman can understand what is going on.