Denmark and Argentina


Danish team for 2019 at Lost Hills

From: Christian Schwartzbach

Hello Roger,

The Danish Free Flight community is very small. At the last count just 47 members. We are pleased that we at the recent Annual Meeting were able to select full teams in F1A and F1B. For F1C we had no candidates. When F1Q becomes actual we will have full team there as well.

The team:
F1A: Jes Nyhegn, Steffen Jensen, Peter Rasmussen
F1B: Christian Schwartzbach, Jes Nyhegn, Steffen Jensen

Quite compact!
Best regards



Argentina Team for Lost Hills 2019




Ramiro Gonzalez

Pablo Ysasi

Federico Neyra


Alejandro Marchese

Claudio Fabri

Juan Giol


Mario Palmieri

Mauricio Zito

Ricardo Palmieri