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SEN 2479 - Link to Official JWC numbers and Farewell to Dougie 21
SEN 2478a - Caught up now 28
SEN 2478 - Bob’s final words on this JWC 23
SEN 2477 - The Junior Scores and buying second hand electronic timers 20
SEN 2476 - It didn’t worry the youngsters 17
SEN 2475- The Juniors and Klaus 20
SEN 2474 - Junior World Champs Notes 21
SEN 2473 - Juniors started, MaxMen Lost an Altimeter 19
SEN 2472 - Good news is that Juniors are ready to fly, bad news is that our time to market and to adapt is too slow. 20
SEN 2471 - Euro Observations, when did it land, how do we innovate, and the Juniors start soon 56
SEN 2470 - How high, How Long, how many , great Euro event with no altimeters used 46
SEN 2469 Cat watches the elephant while, counting electrons, observing the Euro Champs and planning for an endless 2019 October 49
SEN 2468 - Innovation and how do we foster it, mulch and not manure? 53
SEN 2467 61
SEN 2466 - Thinking about Lost Hills, weak links and your signature 54
SEN 2465- Not getting so high or Not staying up so long, tie some rocks on it? 49
SEN 2464 -Nobody Complained and weather is normal from the top of a "hill" but the Junior World Champs is coming soon. 46
SEN 2463 - SEN 2463 - Table of Contents Thinking about Pieter while performance pondering, reading a German Web Site and wishing you were in Colorado. 72
SEN 2462 - How do you D/T without sliding into the Elephant in the corner 59
SEN 2461- ++Pieter de Boer++ USA E flyoff does not need fixing but others do 68
SEN 2460 - Taking a fresh look at DT FO while remembering Bob Norton & looking for ET 58
SEN 2459 - Table of Contents – SEN 2459 Going to the 18 Nats and watching and timing in which Century Observation from the sideline F1C Timing The ‘18 Nats are also a World Cup event! Observation from the sideline From: Terry Thorkildsen      Seem 54
SEN 2458 - Stop your watch, check your battery, listen to your motor 55
SEN 2457 - The NFFS Guru at Wawayanda wonders about International Protests 58
SEN 2456 - Watt’s up at Lost Hills 59
SEN 2455 - IATA off at a Tangent ? 56
SEN 2454 - Flying with your batteries to the Skyscrapers for a Flyoff 58
SEN 2453 - Air Travel and if you are staying in So Cal this weekend 71
SEN 2452 - All quiet as people travel to fly 66
SEN 2451 - How bad is BAD? How much Jail Time ? who is the Judge? which Jury ? 98
SEN 2450 - Good bye to a good friend and more views on the flyoffs. 78
SEN 2449 - Flyoff Brainstorming 83
SEN 2448 - World Cup reality Plus summary and suggestions then think about August in Canada 84
SEN 2447 - Looking for TET, hold the line, cut the line while protesting properly 66
SEN 2446- Follow the Sporting code to Constructive ideas finding the best model, best flyer, best flying conditions 61
SEN 2445 - Consensus – rule makers need to act. Not Consensus – how and what with 76
SEN 2444 - The Elephant in the corner adds up the numbers and agrees with Pierre and Leslie 72
SEN 2443 - Some Sporting Code Wisdom or a Rocket from both ends 62
SEN 2442 - Help the CD, control the DT, Keep it all modern & follow the rules while listening to the engine on the good radio 69
SEN 2441 - Follow the rules but the highest wins so clip the wings while Tracking with Baofeng 71
SEN 2440 - Long and Short flyoff, too local or not? 68
SEN 2439 - Deviant flyoff but not at Salonta and SCAT summer fun while not off elsewhere 100
SEN 2438 - Salonta speaks, Steve Switches and John is wired again 79
SEN 2437 - Where are : - the Romanian Numbers, the Battery, the Pylon 93
SSEN 2436 - Dealing with Mother Nature, Also known as the weather 85
SEN- Maybe the barron should go to Verona instead ? 88
SEN 2434 - The Barron Meets hot Druids on the way to the Casino without going over the Edge 92
SEN 2433 - Dual Club this weekend at LH see the AM Cup and the Brits get thier World Cup Weekend results to the Interweb first 117
SEN 2432 -EoB uses GPS to find the Lost Hills Bike Barn key while looking at Oz Photos 110
SEN 2431 - Get your J and Big Nelson so you don't forget the MMM14 on top of that the Balsa Bugs revised Brodersen and Inter-City 118