SEN- January 18 2000

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News and Reports 2000 - First half
SCAT Electronic News 18 Jan 2000

      "SCAT - 40 Years of FAI Free Flight Competition"

Table of Contents
Lowest Common Demoninator - Brokenspar
Reflection - Achterberg
von Hafe Cup - Woodhouse
Older than ???? - Brokenspar

No Southwest Regionals results yet ... Hermann or John ?

Lowest Common Demoninator
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Why do the paragraph indentations and other features go to hell when
the page is sent, or printed ?



People view the SEN with a wide variety of mail reading programs
with differnt capabilities. So that it will work for all the
mail is converted into a fixed length lines of 78 characters
per lines.

If your mail program has lots of formatting options the best way to make
it look right every where is to set a fixed pitch font like
Courier 10 or 12 pt. This will reduce the number of characters on the
line and stop lines wrapping when I get it.

It is also not good to use Tabs, this is because different mail
programs have different Tab stop setting so it will not look
the same.

Sometimes I try and clean up text to make it format properly
but this can be very time consuming so I do not always
do it.

It is good to put a blank line between paragraphs because
that make it easier to read. In setting the first word
does not standout enough.

The only universal character set is a simple latin - that means
no accented or other special characters. I understand that this
butchers the language for some of our European readers
but there is no real alternative as not everyone has the
Swedish character set, a Cyrillic one or even the accented
characters of French or Spanish.]

Author : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Guess we need a controversy to write to the web page! Sorry, no more
"BOMB" discussions, as it was just getting interesting!! And I started
growing my balsa trees!!!! Well, here is one!! Since the 13 minute
fly-off at Livoto people starting calling for 25gr. and we have not even
tried 30gr. As I recall when we flew in a like situation in '95 the same
performance statements came up and we quickly moved to 35gr. You are
know the arguments, too much performance, too long of fly-offs, and too
many people maxing out!!

So based on the Patterson contest in Nov., I am calling for a rules
change back to 40gr. because of lack of performance! Only 2 out of 26
maxed out, so quite obviously we need more not less power!!!
News flash! I was told recently that the scientists have discovered warm
bodies of air that rise in a cylindrical shape and these tend to make
things go up. Could this explain the 13 minute fly-offs? More research
is needed, but they may be on to something!!

Make sure that you voice your opinions as the CIAM meeting is not far
off and we always tend to start bitching about rule changes after the
fact, than before. It would be nice if the proposals would be printed on
this web page now, so the discussion can take place before the meeting
instead of afterwards. I hear there are some beauties for F1C!! And the
25gr. keeps rearing its ugly head up in conversations with people over
the "big pond"!! So what are all the proposals in F1A, F1B, &F1C?

von Hafe Cup
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In a message dated 14/1/00 2:46:12 pm, you wrote:

<World Cup ).

Agreed a brilliant field a super country lovely people good weather what more
you want eh!?

Mike Woodhouse

Older than ????
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It's a bitch when you're best known for being old !

To review:

20's Came to USA 1928, age four.
Making solid models out of cigar box wood. They had swept back
wind tips. 1929. ( shown in a sympo, some time ago )

30's Solid models. Won a red ribbon in a YMCA craft thing. Thought at
the time that red was better than blue. A Curtis P something, biplane
with the N struts.
I loved the N struts, the thrust forward, the slant to each
side. This wing poised above the rest of the airplane on a sclae
model somehow got me to flying models..

Then the usual 10 cent kits.

Neighborhood guy, a year older, took me to duration models. A
British rubber job. Probably Moffet. The fin was the same shape and
construction as the stab, a half a stab, camber to the left, probably.
Flimsy construction, yellow tissue. Flew this at the '37 Nats. Got
the cloud shaper decal with the little window, where they entered some
mark during processing. ( anyone remember this ? ). The model was
underweight so I put a half dollar under the wing, which fell
out at the ROG launch. No one noticed First confrontation of conscience.
Had a re-fly.

Got a Comet Clipper for Christmas, and a 10 dollar Brown. Never
finished the wings.
Spent one summer trying to start the Brown. The L shaped needle
was too far down in the body, constantly too lean. Never ran for more
than one burp.

Then, Korda and Zippers. I designed my own Zipper, diamind
The along came Ed Naudzius, who was everyone's mentor in those
days I've been in trouble ever since.

So, if you count the solid models, that's eight decades. Have
not flown in 2000 yet.

( If you are following the math, I was born in 1923. )

Where's the kid ( Bob White ) ?


Roger Morrell