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SEN 2784

2. LOOKING for Favionics Fx12b timers


From: Martin Dilly

Instead of this year's BMFA Free Flight Forum being face-to-face it will be held on Zoom, with anyone, anywhere in the world, being able to take part. It will start at 10:00 GMT on Nov. 15th and full joining details will be here on SEN  by Nov. 1st.

It will be chaired by Mike Fantham and to whet your appetite here are the speakers and topics.

Simon Dixon - The Models of Ray Monks; Mike Woodhouse - Tame Your F1B and Related Thoughts; John Emmett - Geo Fencing and Electronic Stability; Peter Martin - Simulated 3D Flight Dynamics, an Approach to Gain Insight for Trimming and Aircraft Development; Sue Johnson - What Next for a Lady Flyer; Phil Ball - Building in Lock-Down; Andy Sephton - F3 RES, an RC Class for the Aging Free Flighter.

When the 2021 Forum Report is published in the Spring it will contain five more papers in addition to these, making it another must-have and the thirty-sixth of these annual publications.

Martin Dilly


LOOKING for Favionics Fx12b timers ??
From Vitaly Man

LOOKING for Favionics Fx12b timers.  - Please

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