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Table of Contents - SEN 1651

  1. J O'D hangs it up
  2. Looking for a F1C plan
  3. GPS for sale

J O'D hangs it up

Quoting from Hippocket and Fly Quiet UK  the well known UK Free Flight Competitor John O'Donnell  made an announcement last weekend at the end of the British Nationals and the gist of it is below:

You all know that I have been flying for a very long time.  This, in fact, is my 62nd consecutive F/F Nationals. However there is not going be a 63rd  !

It has become ever more difficult to find the requirements (retrieval ability,energy,effort and determination) that I consider necessary to compete 'properly'. To do otherwise is unappealing.

I have seen many good flyers deteriorate and end up merely 'going through the motions'. This is not a route I intend to follow. I believe it is better 'to go with a bang rather than a whimper'.

Topping the Rubber flyoff at this Nationals, added to winning the Gamage a few weeks ago, would seem to me to be enough of a Bang - so -

I am retiring from Free Flight Competition - effective immediately

For me the game is over

John O'Donnell

John is renowned for his outstanding competition record.  He understands, probably better than anyone all the components that contribute to success on free flight competition and has maintained this high level of performance for so many years. A bio can be found at the following link.

Looking for a F1C plan

 Hi guys

I am looking for the plan for the following F1C please.Video I took at the UK Nats - believe its Stafford Screen's design.  Any ideas where I can get the plan?
Many thanks

Kevin Moseley

GPS for Sale

Hello Roger,
I hope that you are well.
Will you please put this ad for Stan's GPS on Sen?

Garmin Vista HCx Sight and Go GPS.

As new, all documents, cable, Quick Start Guide, and Owner's Guide.

$160 plus shipping.

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Roger Morrell