SEN 1572

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Table of Contents - SEN 1572 - Biggles, Bob and Brian issue

  1. Biggles looks back
  2. Biggles Observations
  3. 2011 Sympo
  4. BVN Euro tour part 3

Biggles Looks Back

AMA A1 and A2 dropped off the planet.   I suggested a rules change to AMA, first in 2002 and then in 2005 to bring back the AMA governed A1 and A2 events rather than have them just refer to the FAI rules. The gist of my proposal was to simulate all the old design rules, 6 attempts for 3 officials etc., straight tow (although there is a solid thought to allow circle tow), no weight requirements with 2 Min max for A1 and 3 min max for A2.
The outcome was NFFS Classic with it's huge size and graduating flight rules.  With the exception of Don DeLoach's Talon Grande just about everyone I see flies their old F1A's or F1H's.  Maybe it is time to rethink towline glider?  Anyone who wants to build a towline can start off easy.  Those TopKicks, Jetstreams, 'lil Dips, Ghosts and such fly pretty well too!
Not to derate FAI events, but F1A and F1H are FAI and flown in rounds and it limited them to FAI style contests, and NFFS glider is a catch all, but remembering back...I liked A1 and A2 as their own.
Rick Pangell
Editor of "The Max-Out" Newsletter of
The Magnificent Mountain Men FF Club of Colorado

Biggles Observations ...

It is possible that Classic FAI Power and Wakefield are more popular because their proponents put the effort in to organize the events ? and that a classic sportsman finds it easier to fly events where running is not required.  A1 or F1H is harder to fly than A2 or F1A, particularily when there is not so much wind, maybe something that even Biggles forgets ? One was always better in one's youth.  Thinking about  the proposed sliding dates rule I was wondering when the killer, twanager, USA record holder A1/F1H, clearly classic :-) no electrons would be come eligible? or even the first circle tow non-carbon A2s [wait for history lecture from the Leeper or is it just the Lepp ?]

I'm assuming that Rick's proposal to permit circle tow is to aide the veteran sportsmen?

Looking at the So Cal scene I would think that the upcoming San Valeers Nos Annual might be an event to pilot a new concept.  Check it out with San Valeers Prez Tom Laird or propose it to club at thier meeting this Saturday.

2011 Sympos are now available:

     All of the 2011 Sympo patrons should now have received their copies of the 2011 Sympo. There are a limited number of books now available. The 2011 issue has the most number of pages of any Sympo ever produced. Get your copy online at <>. Or order directly from NFFS Publications Services, PO Box 1775, Albany, OR 97321. Cost is $35 per issue plus shipping. US Shipping is $5. Overseas is more.
Bob Stalick <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>


BVN Part 3 European Tour

 I flew from Frankfurt to Copenhagen where my friend Henning Nyhegn picked me up and after a few day at his home we made the short trip to Sweden

 The first day Friday was great weather and I flew f1h and a few test flights. Saturday was a bit windy using the entire field for our 3 min flights For the flyoff the wind started to calm off a little so it was decided to go for 7 min flight My flight was 5:09 and 2 models that ended up high in the trees The winner was jr flyer from cze of 6:28 but landed at the top of the trees

 Sunday started out a bit windier and on 2nd round we went to 2.5 min max In my first round a young guy towed up without looking and had no chance for my first attempt On my 2nd try the wind took my model down and had no chance to bring it around so I let go of line model made 2 circles and I grabbed line with model close to 1 meter off ground The fly off was windy but in good direction so we went for 5 min max I made some adjustments for the wind that weren't correct and model only was 15 meters after launch .Monday was raining most of the day and I helped get 2 models out of the top of some trees.

Next stop Free Flight Holiday in Ukraine

 Brian Van Nest F1A USA
Roger Morrell