SEN 1190 - 8 March 2008

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Table of Contents - SEN 1190 - 8 March 2008

  1. Nor Cal FF Champs
  2. Vintage A2, anyone ?
  3. Revised SCAT Annual Schedule
  4. Looking for Romanchenko
  5. SEN Shame List

                        Oakland Cloud Dusters
19th Annual Northern California Free Flight Championships
                               Waegell Field, Sacramento California
                                             April 26-27, 2008

                        AAA Category III AMA Sanctioned Contest

An *America’s Cup and ^National Cup Contest

AMA, NFFS Nostalgia, Classic & Special Events, + SAM Rules Apply

Entry Fee: One Event $15.00, Two or more Events $30.00. $5.00 discount

with proof of NFFS membership for two or more events. Field Fee: 2008

Waegell Card Holders Free, otherwise $5.00 per contestant. Jrs. $2 per

event, with no field fee.

Contest Directors: Bill Vanderbeek, Dick Douglas, & Fred Terzian (FAI)


Join us for a $5.00 lunch at noon Saturday! ParticipantTrophy to all who “enter” $600+ in Prize Money + Dremel Scroll Saw


1-Design: Ron St. Jean’s RAMROD Medallion & Nostalgia Engines

Hydro-Star ROW Special Event: Nostalgia, Tee Dee .049-.051 Engines


                                    Contest Schedule

Saturday Events                                         Sunday Events

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                            8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

*F1A Glider (seven rounds)                     *F1G Coupe (five rounds)

*F1B Wakefield (seven rounds)              *F1H Towline (five rounds)

*F1C Power (seven rounds)                    *F1J Power (five rounds)

*F1P (.060 Gas Power)                              F1K (CO2)


EITHER DAY--All Events must be completed on the same day

^Junior P-30 Rubber                                 ^Classic Junior 1/2A Gas

^Junior Hand Launch Glider                   ^Junior 1/2A Gas
^Junior Hand Held Catapult Glider       +“He-Man” Hand Launch Glider
Junior A-1 Nordic Towline                       Classic Straight Tow Glider
Old Time Small Rubber Cabin                Old Time Small Rubber Stick
Old Time Large Rubber Cabin                Old Time Large Rubber Stick

1/4A Gas                                                       Mulvihill Rubber R.O.W.

^1/2A Gas                                                     ^Mulvihill Rubber

^A-B Gas                                                      ^Moffett Rubber

^C-D Gas                                                      ^P-30 Rubber

.020 Replica                                                 Old Time Hand Launch Glider

^Hand Held Catapult Glider                     O.C.D. Catapult Glider

^Nostalgia Rubber                                     ^Hand Launch Glider

^Nostalgia Wakefield                                ^Classic 1/2A Gas

^1/4A Gas Nostalgia                                  ^Classic A-B Gas

^Early 1/2A Gas Nostalgia                       ^Classic C-D Gas

^1/2A Gas Nostalgia                                  A-B-C Ignition Old Timer

^A Gas Nostalgia                                        A-B-C-D Gas R.O.W. Combined

^B Gas Nostalgia                                       4 Ounce Wakefield

^C Gas Nostalgia                                       8 Ounce Wakefield

1/2A Gas Rise-Off Water                           Rubber Scale

Gollywock/Jabberwock                            E-30 (Electric)

General Field Rules:

1)       Flight time max for all events except F1A, B, & C is 90 seconds.

2)       Gas power events will have engine runs of 5, 6, or 7 seconds depending on event. Fly-off engine runs (except F1C) will be determined at that time.

3)       Rubber events, except F1B will be three maxes of 90 seconds each. Flyoff flights will be 2 one-minute time targets to determine winner.

4)       Classic Towline Glider events will use 35-meter (115 feet) towlines. A line gauge will be on the field.

5)       Special rules will apply for ROW, Moffett, OCD Catapult, etc.

6)       He-man glider rules:

All wood construction (no built up, tissue, carbon fiber, etc.) D.T. OK – Min. weight 1.5 oz (42.5 g) – Must have a name, prominently displayed on wing – 4 attempts, best 2 count – All flights before 9:30 a.m. - No use of thermal detecting “devices” – Time one, fly one.


FAI Events: One hour rounds beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday and 9 a.m.

Sunday. Mini Events will be flown near contest headquarters. One-hour

lunch break on Saturday. Fly-off flights TBD, depending on drift conditions


Contest Information:


Bill Vanderbeek                  Fred Terzian                                    Dick Douglas

4155 Old Trace Ct.             4858 Moorpark Ave.           5303 Calderwood Lane

Palo Alto, CA 94306           San Jose, CA 95129          San Jose, CA 95118

1-650-941-9913                    1-408-725-1065                    1-408-266-3598
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marriott Courtyard                    Vagabond Inn                          The Venetian Court

10683 Whiterock Road              10713 Whiterock Road              11269 Point East Drive

Rancho Cordova 95670 Rancho Cordova 95670 Rancho Cordova 95742

1-800-321-2211                           1-800-228-2800                         1-800-WESTERN 916-635-4040
Directions to Waegell Field

Waegell Field is located southeast of Mather AFB, near the corner of Sunrise Blvd. and Jackson Highway. From the Stockton area, it’s best to take Highway 99 north past Lodi and go northeast on Grant Line Road, just below the town of Elk Grove. Continue north on Grant Line Road until you cross an aqueduct then bear left at the signal light onto Sunrise Blvd. which heads due north. Cross Jackson Highway at the four-way signal lights and then, count approx. 14 telephone poles from the corner on the right hand side. After that you will see a gate leading towards a sheep shed and pen. This is Waegell Field.

Rev. 5.0   11-27-07

Vintage A2, anyone ?

Hello Roger,please include this note in a future S.E.N.
We had some long conversations and exchange of ideas about holding a series of contests for nostalgia,vintage,classic, old time  gliders under the Nordic,A2 ,F1a rules that had been in force for about 50 years.
The fact that this rules lasted this long with very little change is proof of how good this rules were from the very begining.
The two more radical changes in the way we fly this models were the introduction of  "circle tow" and the composite structures that allow the "bunt"  launching of the model.This two events and the lifting  of the "builder of the model"rule  have produced models of great performance ,that are mass  produced and available to any one interested in competing.
The observation is that all this models are very similar in shape and performance,no personality expression or aesthetical value.
Our intention is to bring back some of the beautifull ,elegant models of the past  and fly them under the rules and form of the 50's and 60's.
I believe  we can simplify this by setting  a minimum of rules .
1)Nordic A2 size and weight.
2)Straight  tow.
3) No composites structure  or reinforcements.
4) 50 meters tow line under 2 Kg tension.
Any one interested in this initiative ,please contact Lee Hines  or Hector Diez.
If we see enough interest we will run a series of contests along with Walt Ghio's vintage F.A.I.power.
One incentive to build or revive one of this models is that they may be very competitive in the N.F.F.S. classic glider class or the Sanvaleers nostalgia glider contests.Again,we like to hear your opinions or sugestions and see how much interest (if any)this idea generates.
Hector Diez   
Ph. (661) 834 1063
Email :    h10auto @

Since we just learned Daylight Saving Time starts on March 9, the
club decided to delay the official start of flying 30 minutes on
Sun March 16.
Therefore: Tiebreaker 'No Max Flight' for F1H will be 0800-0810AM,
followed by F1G & J @ 0815-0825AM. 
Then five 45 minutes will be flown with 2 minute maxes for
F1G, H & J, beginning @ 0830AM.
Also, as noted priorly, F1Q has been added to the Sunday events.
Rules: 3 minute maxes, 20sec motor runs in five rounds, same as
the other mini events.
All Mini events flyoffs to begin approx 1230PM.
FO maxes start @ 4 min, then 6 min, etc.
If Winners not determined by 2:30PM, Tiebreaker times will decide.
I apologise for this late revision to the published flyer.
It was felt this should be done at this time, to allow for the
sunrise relative time change.

Looking for Romanchenko
From:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hi Roger
     I need to contact Vladimir Romanchenko.  The E. Mail address that I have for him no longer functions.  I see his name in the World Cup results so I know he is still flying Wakefields.   I hope that one of your readers can tell me his new address. 
     Tom Ioerger

SEN Shame list


May I suggest that those ISP providers who block SEN are named. Then it is up to us to take our internet business to someone else. I getting rather fed up these faceless corporate plonkers telling us what is good for us.

Yours truly disgusted of Deighton, North Yorkshire, UK Nick B


I'm planning on doing this. I have one small set up item that I need to do with my hosting service that will reduce the likelihood of being confused with another customer. After this is done I think that our e-mail may look different some of the anti-spam robots. I will then turn back on the people who have been blocked and see what happens. I will list the providers that continue to block us.

Roger Morrell