SEN 2384 - Fuel ordering for Fab Feb Reminder

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Table of Contents – SEN 2384

  1. Food Ordering at The Fab. Feb.
  2. Last Call for fuel at Fab Feb


Food Ordering at The Fab. Feb.


From: chris.edge


I note from SEN 2382 that the editor of this fine organ is ensuring that

food ordering is being rightly advertised as an integral part of the Fab

Feb competitions. Sadly I will not be in attendance this year as is

suggested, but worry not, the rules of this prestigious event have been

fully documented by Martin Gregorie here :- 


and other Brit food ordering aficionados will be in attendance to help

those trying for the elusive 'Total Switch', an event even rarer than

maxing-out at the MMM 14-flighter. 


While you're at it feel free to visit the Gregorie archives here  for other legendary

incidents for free flight times of the past. If for example you've ever

wondered what Skip Yogi is all about, you'll find it here.   


In the meantime I'll have the cranberry orange pancake breakfast, with

eggs easy-flopped Type 7, hold the sausage and the cranberries, add

black pudding, haggis and pecans, all on a Royal Daulton 'Evesham' 10"

plate with Ancient Hunting McGregor tartan napkin, please.  





Last Call for fuel at Fab Feb

From: Mike Roberts


Last call for power flyer fuel orders this week, Jan 20.  Please let me know your needs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also, flyers with F1 J's, we have a good group already signed up, so don't miss the fun with our mini "hot rods".  It should be a target rich environment.  See you soon and safe travels.




Editor’s Comment – fuel is provided by the organizers at the F1C events but if you are planning on doing some test flying or require fuel for F1J or F1P and can’t bring it with you – contact Mike